Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The HandBurger

This new burger joint is a little hard to find. The neutral tone showcase filled with cardboard cutouts of ingredients indicates the entrance, the only other clue is the queue ropes. The other entrance is cordoned off, so strictly no go. The natural colour scheme and utilitarian furniture (benches with handles on the chairs) help you focus on the food. Which is what you want to do.

You only get burgers here, with a wide variety of sides. It's Handburgers and not Hamburgers as the menu boasts vegetarian options that are delicious enough to make the carnivore impartial (e.g. stuffed portobello burger, fried vegetables burger). The beef patties are made of 100% prime ground sirloin, it's a rare bargain at only $15 a meal. Love love the fries, that are freshly cut and served with various gourmet dips. It's an explosion of flavours from the first bite.

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