Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Dinner @ Paradise Inn

My mom did the ordering as there is a Paradise Inn restaurant near her work place that she frequents.

The signature dish is century egg vegetables, it comes in a soupy base that is surprisingly good.

Fluffy and crispy omelette.

My fave dish, hot plate tofu.

Stewed eggplant and Venison claypot.

Pork Chops, sweet and crispy.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sewing a Bag

Sewing a matching bag to my homemade dress in shades of taupe.

You start with a long strip of fabric (table runner works as well). Cut off the ends so you can sew those into straps. Cut the remaining fabric in half to form the bag and inner lining.

Matching thread from my stash, thanks to Spotlight's many sales.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Antik Batik

Antik Batik was started by Gabriella Cortese in 1992, it emphasizes traditional Asian handiwork that can take days to make 1 single purse, talk about haute couture. Although the brand does put out a seasonal clothing collection, it is most well known for its vibrant and intricate bags and purses. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nivea Redemption

If you spend $30 on Nivea products you get $15 cash back, or in this case $15 shopping centre vouchers.

I waited almost an hour to get hold of these vouchers that the ORO Redemption Centre staff bumped up to $20 as they ran out of $5 vouchers...lucky me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Astalift & Lunamer

New skincare brands from Japan developed by Fujifilm, Lunamer for the younger woman and Astalift for older ladies.

Astalift is all about anti-aging skincare. The signature product is also Japan's No.1 bestseller Jelly Aquarysta, $148 for 40gm jar. If you do not know what to get I would recommend the basic anti-aging travel kit ($28) where you get to try their basic anti-aging products like moisture foam. What's great about Astalift is the anti-aging products are not limited to creams and toners but extended into makeup, whitening care and even edible supplements. The products are all rose scented so its very lady-like.

Lunamer's products are divided into acne care and basic care. These products contain many ingredients including tumeric (hence its signature yellow colour). I read some blogs that complain their skin broke out in pimples after using these products. However, I tried the range for a week with no problems and I have sensitive skin, so it should be ok. These products are also scentless (if you were wondering).

Monday, February 22, 2016

Thai Feast from FairPrice

This is a restaurant quality meal for a family of 8 at the cost of just $40 from NTUC FairPrice, serve with rice.

Roi Thai Tom Yum Instant Soup with coconut milk $3.50
cook with seafood (prawns, shellfish, squid + $15)
Pasar Thai Bean Vermicelli $0.80
put into Tom Yum soup
Roi Thai Instant Green Curry with coconut milk $3.50
cook with chicken, eggplant, vegetables + $10
New Moon Thai Fishcakes $2.95
this is the best version I've tried
New Moon Seafood Fishcake/Roll $2.95
serve with Thai Chili Sauce
Kimball Thai Chili Sauce $1.15
any sweet Thai chili sauce will do

If you have extra cash to spare, some drink recommendations to accompany your meal.

OWL Thai Iced Tea instant mix packets $6.20
Authentic but I find this too sweet and usually share 1 packet with someone
Thailand Young Coconut $1.65
nothing beats fresh coconuts although everyone stocks up on the bottled version
If Fruitamin Tamarind Juice $1.30
7-11 sells fresh lemongrass & tamarind drinks as well

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sewing a Pouch

My new sewing machine came with a DVD and book of sewing projects (8 in total) for me to get started. From coasters to tote bags, I was really excited to put my leftover fabric to good use. 

Starting with a round bottom drawstring pouch.

I chose to use pre-cut ribbons instead of sewing a matching drawstring.

Sew the 2 halves together, then fold the top down and sew 2 lines across (where the ribbon will be threaded through). Quick and easy sewing project to get started on this year.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2016


Isabel Marant founded her French fashion label in 1994, over the new millenia she started Etoile by Isabel Marant to offer casual clothes at affordable prices. Initially, it was about jerseys, knitwear and accessories that slowly expanded into a full fashion line. This spring she brings us India inspired french girl cool.

Etoile Spring Summer 2016 is all black and white.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Playskool Toys

I won this cheeky monkey toy from Playskool after purchasing Johnson's Baby Gift Sets for newborns this year. I like Playskool toys and am kinda bummed I missed out the top prize a baby rider.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sothys Hydra3Ha Discovery Kit

Sothy's latest product Hydra3Ha that is all over the internet and I received this discovery kit after responding to a Facebook promotion. Look, there is even a white shawl included as a gift for me.

The Hydra3Ha products are meant to deliver intense moisturization. The 3 refers to triple actions to hydrate the skin, increase moisture store below the skin surface and prevent moisture loss. These are the 3 off the shelf products, a mask, a serum and a cream. I always like using Sothys products as the items are sealed so you know it is new, you always get results and the products are nicely fragranced.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Fat Boys Burger Bar

Sirens sounding from the Public Warning System remind us its Total Defense Day. People hear the sirens and start asking "what's happening?" like there is some natural disaster going on when its just PWS testing.

Fat Boys Burger Bar has a few outlets in Singapore and I hear their KL branch is always packed to the rafters. I tried out the full menu @ Orchard Road and the partial menu @ Zhongshan Park. All I can say its really good value for money as you get gourmand burgers with generous patties for under $20. Everything is freshly made from scratch that is perfect for a weekday dinner with ice cold tea and a side order of wings. 

Zhongshan Park has several burgers for just $10, so its a few dollars cheaper than the other outlets. My bacon cheeseburger is really juicy and messy. I kinda mind that the insides of the patty is red raw but its like that for all thick patties in order to keep it soft and juicy. I got a big mug of iced tea and fries drizzled in parsley for an additional $5. You can add other sides like wings for $5. No further service charge or taxes.

Trying the other stuff on the menu @ their Orchard branch. Foot Long hotdog with a beef sausage drenched in chili cheese sauce ($13.50) is my fave pick. Tastes really authentic Mexican.

Friday, February 12, 2016

V Day Thoughts

I sat down and compiled this list of cute gifts we can make for Valentine's Day.   

Create a Playlist of all your favorite songs, dance anthems or to create a certain mood. You can still burn it on a CD or simply program it on his Ipod/PC. 

Fill up a travel cup with a special drink. Personally, I like the kopi @ IonOrchard food court (not C or O). Certain KFC branches have 7-Up in Lemon Mint (unavailable anywhere else)

Prepare a jar of his favorite snacks, my mom does this all the time. Roasted mix nuts with garlic or chili+basil. Also try candied bacon (Bak kwa, I recommend Lim Chee Guan with chili oil).

Make some inspirational wall art. Lipstick marks on a piece of paper, nicely framed. Paint on mini canvases ($2 from Daiso). Glue corks, buttons, bottle caps into a heart shape.

For the first time ever, Pantone chooses 2 complimentary shades as its colour of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. This sweet pastel pink and blue is more commercial than you think, like this pair of Swatch watches Cheng Shuang Cheng Dui Lan.Bai. It's also the first limited edition collection for Chinese Valentines Day (2500 pieces). I have been trying to track down a pair for myself to no avail, you have to buy it in China.