Thursday, July 30, 2009


I think I spotted a Cirrus cloud on my way to dinner. The last time I photographed clouds was on my Geography school trip to Australia.

There is a cloud appreciation club you can join: They sell cloud related paraphernalia (love the signature cloud logo), share pictures or find out more about how clouds are formed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Pigging out after bad weeks (sometimes days) with friends is a great de-stressing activity. We usually turn to American food...hhmmm...wonder why...

You know, Tony Roma's, Bobby (used to be a Rubino somewhere, think it closed down) and now Chili's ( It's full house on a weekday so I guess word must have gone around. The menu is surprising; Tilapia on a cedar plank sounds like something you will find at a modern Aussie eatery. The verdict is: The food is good!

I figure the fastest way to sample the menu in 1 meal is to order triple play (3 appetizers) and miniature burgers that are served with crispy onion rings and fries. Margaritas are the house specialty, but seriously, give it a miss. You do not want to puke out the food. We ordered iced teas that went down well with the food.

I hope they start a home delivery service soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Not one for bar food in the middle of the day. But, Keyaki is closed for renovations until September 2009. Saketinis and fresh sushi served up by an on-site chef wasn't such a bad idea after all. Being a bar, they serve up the usual peanuts & vegetable crisps while you wait for your sushi. It's almost a 5 star experience as it's a small intimate space with noone around. Hey, it's the middle of the day, noone gets wasted so early in the day. Keyaki bar is open until 1am and serves food until the same time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Collectible toy and sometime logoed corporate door gift. I got my hands on these Trexis at the PI store in the newly opened Iluma mall (near Bugis Junction). Trexis are blank canvases for artists and corporations to fill in. Then sold as collectible figurines world wide. Check out their website for more pics:

I have from left: "I Love You" bear, Valentine 2006, Singapore by STB, Adidas, Trexi by Cecilie Ellefoen and Tokidoki for Coca-Cola.

I actually have 30 Trexis thanks to the Opening Day. Most are duplicates. So I have 4 pieces of Valentine's Day 2006, 2 pieces of Chinese New Year Dog, 2 pieces of Gold Chinese New Year, 3 pieces of Trexi by Sun Min, another 2 by MKA and half the series of Coca-Cola Football Trexis.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Hamper

I couldn't resist and made this hamper for a baby boy as well. It's filled with stuff initially meant for the diaper cake but didn't get added on as I wanted to allow my sis easy access to the diapers without having to unravel rows of towels & toys.

Added more stuff to it. Hopefully, my sister will like it =)

Nails - Nautical charms

Nautical inspired theme this week. Colour scheme inspired by my sister's baby balloon and $1 stick ons from SASA sale.

Diaper Cake

The ultrasounds show my sister's first kid is a boy. So I have made her a blue diaper cake. Very popular as Baby Shower centerpieces and more exciting than a plain old hamper I guess.

It's simple to make and practical. Babies go through at least 2 packs a month. You need lots of diapers, milk bottles, rubber bands, cake holder and ribbons, bows, balloons, clear wrapper. I was lucky to get hold of these colourful diapers.

Pile everything up and secure with rubber bands to stabilize the structure. Then add a topper (balloon in this case), ribbons around each layer and decorations around to make it more festive. Cover with a clear wrapper so the exposed diapers don't get dusty.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wall Decal

Designer wall decals were hot off the press from BLIK several years ago. A modern alternative to fresco paintings and wallpaper. Nowadays, you can get wall decals in all designs and sizes from IKEA, plethora of online merchants and push carts that churn out customized designs in a standard 100cm x 50cm sheet of vinyl sticker. Same stuff you use on your car or in shop windows. Only these are specifically for home use.

Picture of my bedroom wall before (above) and after (below). Now I am addicted and have to fill the other walls as well.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aladdin Magic Prawn

At last, I have eaten Aladdin's Magic prawn and it is the bomb!

People write about it, order a regular home delivery of it and restaurants serve it up as a feature. But, you really have to try it to know the difference. It looks like any other prawn, but, when you taste it, it's actually sweeter and crunchy but not as tough as other species of big prawns. Farmed in the Red Sea, the salinity levels are the reason for it's differentiating factor. Imported fresh enough to be eaten as sashimi. I am still trying to convince my mom to order some from the wholesaler for our next meal.