Sunday, July 19, 2009


Collectible toy and sometime logoed corporate door gift. I got my hands on these Trexis at the PI store in the newly opened Iluma mall (near Bugis Junction). Trexis are blank canvases for artists and corporations to fill in. Then sold as collectible figurines world wide. Check out their website for more pics:

I have from left: "I Love You" bear, Valentine 2006, Singapore by STB, Adidas, Trexi by Cecilie Ellefoen and Tokidoki for Coca-Cola.

I actually have 30 Trexis thanks to the Opening Day. Most are duplicates. So I have 4 pieces of Valentine's Day 2006, 2 pieces of Chinese New Year Dog, 2 pieces of Gold Chinese New Year, 3 pieces of Trexi by Sun Min, another 2 by MKA and half the series of Coca-Cola Football Trexis.

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