Sunday, April 26, 2009

Currently Reading

Scott Adams latest book "Stick to drawing comics Monkey Brain". I have to say the slightly rude title is unusual for the author. This latest book is obviously a departure from the Dilbert franchise. But, still fun to read.

I am a fan. I have the entire Dilbert's series of humour books, including the latest "Dilbert 2.0" 20th anniversary compendium of comic strips. The official VCD of the only series of cartoons ever aired and I even bookmark the official website to check out the daily strips. Now where can I queue to get my books autographed?

I managed to get a signed book plate from the authors of "Freakanomics". Maybe Scott Adams should consider doing the same as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Local Shopping Website

Finally, a local shopping site that is worth our time. I love the fact that I only pay for local shipping, quick turnaround time and no queues or crowds to jostle with!

The name is quite strange. Think "Ribbons" or even "Rebonding". It features sales on known brands. Similar to well known shopping sites and I have bought quite a few things from the site: Pilgrim necklace, DAVE peridot earrings and a becksöndergaard eel skin purse. And the upcoming Chloe current season Sale. Can't wait for them to feature new stuff every few days.

For those of us who still like the traditional sales, Ferragamo end of season sale has started at Isetan (23 - 27 April). It's offering 40-60% discounts. Quite good I guess for those with small feet (5 or 6). I seldom find what I want in those sales.

* Recent strange & disappointing happenings have led me to doubt the authenticity of this site and the state of it's items. As always, Caveat Emptor!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Water Sprout / Tornedo

We thought we saw a water sprout off the Marina Coast today. My office looks straight out into the Marina Coast. So it's always a big deal when someone sports one. Everyone rushes to the windows to catch the show, it lasts about 5 mins?

It's supposed to be a common occurrence in Singapore. But, I have only seen it once before and I think it was in 2007. We recorded a dip in productivity that afternoon. The picture above is the CNA official photo of the 2007 water sprout.

Turns out, it's a semi-capsized boat that was hit in a collision and anchored where it crashed for repairs. Not damaged by tornadoes. =O

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The learning process doesn't seem to stop at graduation. The good news is that your company picks up the bill. Now if we can only get them to pay the annual membership fees as well. Industry training courses are important to people like me, who are a couple of years into the job. You are somewhere in between. Not exactly loaded with industry knowledge and contacts and not quite as enthusiastic and affordable as a fresh graduate. So we have no choice but to juggle work and study until we find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are a proponent of lifelong learning, then it's never.

6 months into my latest training course and I have finally finished my SII exams. All 3 modules. I think I am quite done with industry training for the rest of the year. Unless my company manages to find additional budget for the next 9 modules. That's 1 more qualification to pad my resume with.

Jumping from 1 course to the next, I was reminded to finish up the remaining classes for my professional floristry course. It's been 1 year 4 months and counting. Between lessons and practice sessions, I think I might be able to finish before I hit the 2 year mark. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My nephews are 2 & 4

Time for the babies birthday party again. It's just more convenient to plan 1 party instead of 2. You decorate the house once, you buy birthday cakes from the same place, you can even invite the same crowd. But, with twice the presents.

Their parents decided to spoil the boys by giving them exactly want they wanted. Chicken and lots of TV. No games or classmates. Guests were banned from giving them toys this year. Everything had to be educational or useful. B & B weren't happy with the Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck clothes they got from me this year either.

The highlight of the evening were the crayola coloured ice-cream cakes. Bright pistachio green with candy coloured purple yams anyone?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I grew up on Swatch watches. Having received my first Swatch (white strap with green numbers) from my dad on my birthday. Like many other collectors, I went on to a couple more including 2 limited editions. The trouble with Swatch watches is when the batteries die, you can't replace them locally. So you either have to ship them to Switzerland or stop using them. I think the choice is pretty obvious. And no, I never had a Casio Baby G.

On my 19th Birthday, my friends gave me a DKNY digital watch that I absolutely love. My first fashion label watch. I finally abandoned Swatches and went on to acquire 2 antiqued face Armanis in small and medium. Then a broad faced Fendi watch with canvas strap. When I graduated, my parents bought me a Rolex.

It took me 7 years and 1 sale to finally own my own Chopard. The reason it took that long was in part due to my inability to decide what charms I wanted in my Happy Sport. Loose diamonds, fishes, hearts, 4 leaf clovers, horseshoe, snowflakes in what combination, number and colour! It doesn't help that they come up with new charms virtually every year. In the end, I just took the watch that was on sale. A yellow gold fish with pink sapphires and a white gold fish with diamonds.

I know Chopard is not a watchmaker's watch. It sorts of resembles jewellery, which for a start is ok. The next watch on my list (that will take me another decade to save up for) is the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch. The complicated mechanics behind this makes it a true work of art and a definite must-have for any collection. The numbers on the clock face are all jumbled up, so the clock hands jump around the face to indicate the correct time. The mechanics match the odd-shaped & colourful numbers on the watch face. Not one for work.