Friday, April 24, 2009

Local Shopping Website

Finally, a local shopping site that is worth our time. I love the fact that I only pay for local shipping, quick turnaround time and no queues or crowds to jostle with!

The name is quite strange. Think "Ribbons" or even "Rebonding". It features sales on known brands. Similar to well known shopping sites and I have bought quite a few things from the site: Pilgrim necklace, DAVE peridot earrings and a becksöndergaard eel skin purse. And the upcoming Chloe current season Sale. Can't wait for them to feature new stuff every few days.

For those of us who still like the traditional sales, Ferragamo end of season sale has started at Isetan (23 - 27 April). It's offering 40-60% discounts. Quite good I guess for those with small feet (5 or 6). I seldom find what I want in those sales.

* Recent strange & disappointing happenings have led me to doubt the authenticity of this site and the state of it's items. As always, Caveat Emptor!

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