Sunday, April 5, 2009


I grew up on Swatch watches. Having received my first Swatch (white strap with green numbers) from my dad on my birthday. Like many other collectors, I went on to a couple more including 2 limited editions. The trouble with Swatch watches is when the batteries die, you can't replace them locally. So you either have to ship them to Switzerland or stop using them. I think the choice is pretty obvious. And no, I never had a Casio Baby G.

On my 19th Birthday, my friends gave me a DKNY digital watch that I absolutely love. My first fashion label watch. I finally abandoned Swatches and went on to acquire 2 antiqued face Armanis in small and medium. Then a broad faced Fendi watch with canvas strap. When I graduated, my parents bought me a Rolex.

It took me 7 years and 1 sale to finally own my own Chopard. The reason it took that long was in part due to my inability to decide what charms I wanted in my Happy Sport. Loose diamonds, fishes, hearts, 4 leaf clovers, horseshoe, snowflakes in what combination, number and colour! It doesn't help that they come up with new charms virtually every year. In the end, I just took the watch that was on sale. A yellow gold fish with pink sapphires and a white gold fish with diamonds.

I know Chopard is not a watchmaker's watch. It sorts of resembles jewellery, which for a start is ok. The next watch on my list (that will take me another decade to save up for) is the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch. The complicated mechanics behind this makes it a true work of art and a definite must-have for any collection. The numbers on the clock face are all jumbled up, so the clock hands jump around the face to indicate the correct time. The mechanics match the odd-shaped & colourful numbers on the watch face. Not one for work.

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