Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where to buy Foie Gras

For those of us that need to satisfy our fat cravings, you will appreciate this simple to prepare delicacy, by buying it fresh from the Butcher. The duck or goose liver comes in pre-sliced, whole, canned and pate form. 1 whole liver is about 1kg. Price ranges from $125 for FZ duck foie gras to $210 for Hudson Valley goose foie gras. It took me a while to source the gourmet butchers in Singapore that stock whole foie gras on a regular basis:

  • Swiss Butchery - 30/32 Greenwood Ave

  • The Butcher - 44 Jalan Merah Saga

  • Culina - @ParkHouse, @Bukit Timah or @Dempsey

  • Huber's Butchery - @Bukit Timah or @Tanglin

I usually satisfy my fat cravings with extra virgin olive oil (0 calories), coldwater swordfish sashimi, Chinese roasted pork belly (substitute it with Kurobuta pork) or German pork knuckles. For a treat, flash fry a slice of foie gras and serve with balsamic vinegar and cracked black pepper. Or toss the pate with pasta.


  1. wow... that's rather pricey... do you happen to know where I can get canned ones ? will they be cheaper ?

  2. any gourmet supermart. canned versions are cheaper as they are mostly pates or terrines.

  3. Dear Jia Wei,

    I came across this post while serving the net and decided to connect. Somehow, I cannot find your 'contact'. Hope this comment will still reach you.

    Are you really a lover of foie gras?? I wonder if you know how foie gras come about? It is one of the most cruel way human can do to animals. I hope I can do my part in educating the public to stop those foie gras farmers from hurting more ducks and geeses. Please watch this video...


    I hope to hear from you too. I'm contactable from my blog. God bless..

  4. Hi Jacklyn,

    I hope you get to read this as well.

    Anything that is not natural to an animal's instinct does seem cruel. Unless we happen to come across an obese goose. Which is why we must always consume in moderation! Personally, I have it occasionally as it has a smooth, delicate flavour unlike ordinary liver. Are you also aware that unlike humans, geese have no gag reflex? It doesn't hurt them to eat as much as farmer joe decides to feed. PETA would already be on their case if it was a painful and difficult process for the animals. As all educated consumers should know, buy from a legitimate farm! These farms are humane with sanitary conditions that pass industry and animal protection standards. It would look nothing like the youtube video.

  5. Hi Jia Wei,
    Just like to check with you that other than those butcher address you posted on your blog, do u happen to know any place now that sells fresh goose liver as they only have duck liver? Thanks


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