Friday, June 11, 2021

Fast Food Delivery for Lunch


Home delivery from Burger King, 2x burgers & 2x drinks to share, 4 sides and 4 desserts, plus mexican wings to share we each get one wing. Making the effort to get back to portion control, just 20 years ago a side & a drink was all I needed for lunch.

Dimsum @ $3.50 per portion, it's a lot of meat. I love the freshly steamed chee cheong fun best. Crispy tofu skin comes a close second. $35 for the whole meal including delivery.

My orders of Allswell preserved drinks & jiajia liang teh, going very local by getting these health drinks.

More painkillers and counterpain balm/gel, when will this end? I recently found out not all chinese medicated oils have painkillers inside so I switched to counterpain.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Group Lunch from Stuff'd & MHY

Ordered wraps from Stuff'd that comes with side orders of mash potatoes or buttered corn and canned coke or lemon tea. Costs about $10 per person. 

The burritos here are TDF! Try it with dirty rice and habanero sauce, I think guacamole is an additional $2. You will be coming back for more.

Also ordered my favorite snow ice desserts from Mei Heong Yuen in various fruit flavors. Total came up to around $8 per person, quite expensive for desserts but totally worth it.

Friday, May 28, 2021

La Nonna Restaurant

The day before yesterday was Vesak Day a buddhist public holiday. We usually get vegetarian food but this time around I was looking for the good stuff, authentic Italian food and this Holland Village place has good vibes.

It's regular restaurant prices plus $10 delivery fee. Food here is really good but one complaint about the pizza order, prosciutto pizza with additional parma ham toppings came as parma ham pizza 😔😴

Is this supposed to make me angry, I am used to it. Family sized portion of wild mushroom soup, creamy garlicky shroominess but got fish bones inside is it fish stock? Should have gone with another soup instead. There is also lasagna and calamari!

Lasagna was good, has a really creamy tomato sauce. Side salads are tasty, pizza is salty, worth ordering from this place again. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Ji De Chi Dessert

I am trying out this new dessert franchise that sells snow ice or Korean Bingsu. I ordered 7 items including two snowy ices in strawberry & honeydew, bingsus were delish! 

Updated version of Thai mango sticky rice dessert, here its 3 types of black, white, red rice with mixed fruits in coconut milk. OK, but prefer the thai mango sticky rice better.

There is also the new-ish dessert of the moment recommended for hotpots, osmanthus jelly cake. Prefer konnyaku jelly version instead.

Classic desserts of mango pomelo sago super refreshing and delish! Yinyang paste or almond & sesame creams, not soo much almond cream here tho' but still delish!

Guilingao or herbal jelly in milk and fresh fruits. The classic taste is very bitter that seeps into the milk and fruits, needs more sugar/honey to eat with. Actually, its inedible.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Co Chung Authentic Vietnamese Food

Yesterday was Hari Raya Puasa, a Malay public holiday. I thought about ordering nasi lemak or nasi ambeng but was too late, pre-orders only.

This is the only eatery that sells authentic Vietnamese street snacks like Banh Beo water fern cake, Bahn Nam flat dumpling, Bahn Bot Loc tapioca dumpling, Sup Cua crab soup. Total S$82 for 3 people including delivery and a free caramel flan dessert.

Mains of Bahn Mi Sandwiches in classic hams and grilled pork, soo addictive I can eat this everyday. Spicy Hue Noodle soup that came in new-ish packaging, the noodles are separated from the soup, it can also be a second bowl for people sharing. The noodle soup is tasty, wish there was more.

Sides of water fern cakes that tastes like chwee kueh is it really the authentic version? and grilled pork chops that came with crunchy preserved vege sticks like in the bahn mi sandwiches.

Desserts of sweet banana soup that was really nice with sago inside and unripe banana chunks. The caramel flan tastes like egg tofu pudding and the brown sauce is bitter not sweet like alcohol but there is no alcohol here. 

 Drinks are classic Vietnamese milk coffee, really strong and bitter. Lemongrass Lime and Lemongrass Peach Tea that I love ❤💕💖 any drink with the addition of lemongrass and sugar syrup is fantastic!

Friday, May 7, 2021

Un Yang Kor Dai Northeastern Thai Restaurant

Last Saturday was Labor Day, another public holiday. Ordered authentic Thai food from the Isan region, all the dishes taste different from each other that was what I was looking for. Total order came up to S$112.03.

I ordered desserts that weren't in the final confirmed order so I guess desserts are not available all the time. Drinks are though, the lemongrass with pandan as well as lemongrass with honey lemon are alright.

Clear Thai herbal chicken soup, the Thai herbs have a very strong flavor that is not bitter however it is a bit too salty to be drunk on its own, good with rice. Creamy prawn tomyum soup that uses coconut cream that I thought was moisturizer or something coz its perfumey & thick, good stuff.

Crispy pork that is cut into huge bites, very fatty. Also ordered the deep fried fish that is delicious! Comes with a small serving of free papaya salad, tastes good together.

Scotch eggs with tamarind sauce. The tamarind sauce tastes like gravy coz its made with onions and the tamarind is quite light. Scotch eggs are supposed to have a layer of meat outside the hard-boiled eggs but here its just deep-fried hard boiled eggs.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Burger & Lobster @ Raffles Hotel

New eatery from the recently updated Raffles Hotel, I haven't been there since renovations started in 2016. Burger & Lobster has a branch in Jewel Changi Airport that has loads of reviews online. Ordering home delivery @ full price for everything plus delivery charges and taxes!

I ordered California Lobster Roll that I am hoping is like california sushi roll. The other options are samurai lobster roll, classic lemon butter lobster roll, surf & turf version that is half beef burger. I also ordered the Mayfair burger that is a signature classic, multigrain bun + local achar pickles.

Lobster Thermidor! not just steamed or grilled or even laksa. It's supposed to come with salad, garlic bread and mushrooms. Really good creamy baked lobster that goes even better on the garlic bread. Some complaints I have are garlic is bitter when burnt, mushrooms are missing and salad dressing is yogurt. 

Separate orders for truffle chips and salted egg yolk fries. Pretty sure the California lobster roll comes with fries and salad but that's also missing.

 The house special cheesecake for dessert, its like a really good cheese muffin with fruity berry coulis.