Friday, November 25, 2022

Butter Studio / Sinpopo Cakes


Delivery was delayed by 2 hours but when the pastries and cakes arrived, the smells of freshly baked was all worth it. Lemon pound cake and lemon tart are not sour at all and full of that lemon-y flavor.

I ordered the bakers box of 6 assorted pastries and 2 tarts with freshly whipped cream meringue. There's burnt cheesecake, kouign amann (solidly soaked in sugar syrup), brownie, choco tart, 2 slices of lemon drizzle cake. Speculoos tart and Lemon tart.

Sis sent me some Chateraise cakelets. The pink peach tart taste like Han's peach tart but instead of solid peach its actually soft cream. Marshmellow choco cake, TDF! and a persimmon sponge cake for mom.

Bro sent me a whole Sinpopo gula melaka sponge cake. It's a bit like the famous Lana choco cakes in the jelly custard fillings, cool and refreshing in our hot weather. The familiar deep rich taste of coconut sugar is simple yet delicious.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Pepperoni Pizza

This is the only pizza delivery place that sells XXL oversized pizzas. It comes in classic combinations like salami above or in more Italian-style combinations. Total came up to S$120 and can feed a party of 16 people. 

One pasta we tried is the pure basil pesto fusilli with chicken and mushrooms, really fresh and light can be eaten hot or cold.

Calamari that came with 2 dipping sauces and a lemon wedge, I like that its hard and crisp batter, not much on the cilantro taste tho' made it up with the dipping sauces.

Fried chicken wings that are similar to frozen CP Chicken, fat and juicy inside with lots of seasonings.

Pepperoni pizza is a little sour, all salami I bought from Europe tastes like that. It's also not very spicy, needs the chili and cheese sprinkles. Pizza edges are really good tho', like the dough.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Heavenly Wang

This local breakfast coffeeshop franchise serves mainly kaya toast and coffee or tea. I am trying out the new menu items chili crab explosion, mentaiko blast and salted egg lava. 

Variations on the classic kaya toast are hazelnut smores kaya toast and yuzu cream cheese kaya toast.

Laksa and mee rebus are available for home delivery, in-store there is mee siam and chicken curry mee.

Hot and cold coffeeshop drinks. Actually everything came at the same temperature, no ice and also no hot vapor.

Friday, November 4, 2022

New Aroma Diffuser


Over Halloween I received a new aroma diffuser that is color changing, the color changing effect is really interesting in the evenings coz its like ambient lighting. With the misting effect it looks like a bubbling cauldron. 

sample picture from

My previous electric diffuser stopped working a few years back and I didn't bother to replace it. This one automatically shuts off in 2 hours. It's a cold mist with light & natural scents so I am ok with using it every night.

I am not really a fan of perfume mixes for aroma diffusers, much prefer the straightforward scents like rose, lavender, lemongrass and so on. Like to imagine I am on vacay in Provence for lavender, Thailand for lemongrass, really relaxing.

My LG phone is dead, the entire backing came out after I dropped it. Looking for a new phone and new service provider. Haven't decided yet.

My early birthday pressie is a set of aromatherapy room sprays. I alternate this with the aromatherapy diffuser. This set has 2 types of lavender, peppermint and orange. I like the orange, very fruity. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Fresh Cut Fruits & Juices / Beef Bro SG


This is delivery from a nearby food court or coffeeshop that has a fresh fruits stall, S$4 for delivery alone that is quite expensive but price of fruits and juices remains the same. It's all about sugarcane juice coz its soo difficult to get it on home delivery.

Pasar Malam snack foods from Beef Bro SG. I can order for home delivery ramly burgers, beef or chicken cubes and even char-grilled lobsters at the same prices as pasar malam. I think Beef Bros actually takes pasar malam stalls to sell at.

My order of beef cubes in butter garlic, mentaiko scallops, aglio olio pasta with seafood, cheesy lobsters and ramly burger. The beef is really soft no need to spring extra cash for wagyu. The seafood is really good! Cheese is quite hard and tasteless, wouldn't order it as a topping again.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Hot Kitchen @ South Bridge Road

Chinese-Indian food from this eatery place that shares the same name with a gastropub along Shenton Way. The menu is completely different, one is western food and the other is chin-dian food. I found this place because it sells Indian street drinks like thandai, marsala chass, jaljeera. 

This meal for 1 person came up to around S$80 including delivery. Drinks were spilled even with plastic wrap around it and one container was bent out of shape permanently. I also ordered the lime sodas in sweet & salt versions that came as the same thing, lime juice with marsala spice and sour plum.

I ordered the western-style favorites of Kashmiri Rogan Josh or mutton in onion stew, house-made Dal Tadka or lentils in garlic and 5 spice powder. Naan bread basket of plain, butter, garlic and Kashmiri style that is dried fruit & nuts baked into the bread or in this case figs and nuts.

One starter dish that contains potatoes is Bharwan Rajasthani Mirchi Pakoda. The order came as vadai with small green chilis inside and sweet chili sauce, no potatoes or spices. But I like vadai you know, this is just as good.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Medium Rare by Saveur

This is the steakhouse of Saveur group of restaurants. I ordered the ribeye and striploin for my family to try. It comes with several sauces you can choose from like mushroom, béarnaise, peppercorn, Sichuan mala, chimichurri and café de Paris butter.

Steaks are soo tender you can cut it with a spoon! The cafe de paris butter has garlic herbs and lemon, I kinda like the lemon coz it makes this more summer-ish.

There are also a whole bunch of classic American steakhouse appetizers and side dishes. I ordered the creamed spinach, truffle fries, Caesar salad and prawns in lemon butter that came with garlic bread. Would order the salad again, maybe the truffle fries too, it's like McDonald's fries but with truffle.

For dessert & drinks I had to order it from a new bubble tea shop Ulu Tea, that sells fizzy soda mixes with pop balls (pearls or bubbles). The word "ulu" looks like the owl's eyes & nose. The drinks are very sweet so I would go for 25% sugar level next time on the sodas.

Floral teas on the other hand are very dry and bitter even with 100% sugar levels. Mom drank one before I could take a pic and she agrees. I think if I mixed all the teas together it would be just right.