Friday, July 20, 2018

Souvenirs from Europe

Parents came back from their Europe cruise with souvenirs for me! Everyone keeps going on cruises lately, I don't really mind missing out on a few.

More magnets for our fridge and that wood coaster actually costs 25 euros, absolutely reminds me of how much things normally cost in Europe.

Handheld fans, the cheap ones look better than the expensive ones, lighter too. Handheld fans always break after some time, so I don't mind receiving more.

Out of all the accessories, I love these cute doll brooches that move. I've never seen these before, its like those string puppets in the old tourist towns.

Souvenir T-shirts and Desigual bags that I absolutely love. The Desigual brand has many patchwork/scrapbooky clothes and accessories, available in Singapore stores and on

Some pricier items like these Italian lemon soaps that smell really good. Blinged out wallet with a cross in front and a glass cameo pendant that I dunno how I feel about it, I like the traditional matte cameo.

Olive oils, whole dried fruits and salt, all flavored with local produce. I cannot believe the fruits are all dried whole, there must be 35 peaches in 1 bag, that's more than a carton. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Souvenirs from Japan

My family went on a vacation to Japan without me, but they did return with lots of souvenirs and Jap food products. Cannot go without these seasonal Kit Kat/Collon/Pokki flavors. The seasonal Kit Kat is great with a scoop of matcha/red bean ice cream, it's like a really good dessert in a Jap restaurant.

Japan's famous plums, comes dried/sheets/whole. These are not for eating on its own, you have to chop it up and serve with rice.

Traditional hard boiled sweets and also Japanese bar snacks. I love traditional Japanese packaging and I remember it being really famous for just that - great packaging.

Genmaicha or rice mix tea that sometimes people mistake for togarashi but its actually tea mix. I think the trendy thunder tea rice is actually based on this, you place the tea mix on top of rice like toppings and add hot water.

I received some cute accessories like this pink crystal hair clip that goes with the baby pink Lanvin pouch from Isetan, as well as a blue crystal necklace and a red hair tie.

I did have a great lunch at Kotobuki with its 3D chirashi bowls. This one here is torched mentaiko roe and salmon sashimi $26.

Yuzu juice with a cute little spear stirrer. I like these really authentic Jap places, once in a while you will find one hidden in some corner.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Hallmark Cross Stitch

Hallmark's Forever Friends Cross Stitch Kit from Spotlight, $39.90. It's postcard sized making it easy to gift and takes about 3 days to complete. My friends told me I needed to get some of the more high-end cross-stitch kits to try out and see the difference.

I took out my pencil & slim post-its again to organize the sewing. Hallmark kits are more expensive but for syndicated designs there really is no choice. I would love for my next purchase to be a Memorial/Christian themed kit, I have already purchased several Asian themed cross stitch kits.

This kit is a little skimpy on the threads provided compared to the China cross-stitch kits. I was afraid I would run out of thread during sewing but I never did. This Hallmark kit also has more charts to refer to and colour-in, the instructions are also user-friendly. The China kits are really low priced and plentiful in designs, but I find the chart images kinda irregular and require adjusting before sewing or the resulting cross stitch looks CGI blurred or crooked. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Faves from Giant Supermarket

All 10 items mentioned below come in under $50 in total. It's actually really reasonably priced.

Lexus Biscuits Vegetable flavor $2.60 for 10 individually wrapped portions. You can easily substitute a meal with these biscuit crackers. 

Rex Sambal Sotong $2.60, it only comes in the small cans. The sotong is soo unbelievably soft and juicy and the sambal sauce it comes in is soo delicious.

Marigold Fruit Jellies $1.65 for 2 individual portion sized cups, comes with tiny spoons. These pre-made jellies contain cut fruits and 2 types of soft and hard jellies in 1 cup.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bars $5.20, available in a wide range of flavors like cookies & cream etc. When it comes to milk chocolate nothing beats the classics, creamy & smooth flavor.

Allswell Golden Pear with Aloe Vera drink $2.65 for 1L. Like it says on the bottle, refreshing! Allswell also makes local drinks like water chestnut as well as salted juices like plum.

Samyang Chacharoni Instant Noodles $5.90 for 5 packets. This is the instant version of Korea's beloved Jjajang Mian or black bean noodles. Full of rich flavor and texture, really bouncy.
Woh Hup Abalone Sauce $3.95 a bottle. Some abalone or oyster sauces can be too rich and salty but this one is mild and sweet, ready to eat out of the bottle. Try drinking in a spoonful its the same as biting into an abalone.

Giant house brand frozen Samosas $4.65. It's the cheapest you can find and really yummy. It's also halal, most foodstuffs at Giant are halal.
CP Crispy Chicken $6.50, comes in regular and seasonal flavors like Korean Hot & Spicy. Boneless and addictive, I cannot stop eating this so it goes quickly.  

Double Pagoda Garlic Oil $3.40. Garlic oil is milder than raw garlic and goes with everything. Double Pagoda also makes chili oil, ginger oil, shallot oil, szechuan pepper oil and sesame oil.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ramadan Bazaar

Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai...this place is huge with tents stretching out across roads, around hawker centers and surrounding one carpark.

This particular bazaar is famous for its more upmarket goods, an interior decorator or hobbyist will have lots of fun going through lace, crystals etc for the home.

Fancy Kueh Lapis too, available in familiar chocolate brand names as well. I think these will make great gifts for malay friends and neighbours.

I am here for the instagram trending foods that you cannot get anywhere else. You see these pics everywhere but which cafe/eatery actually sells it?

Extra long fries with purple sweet potato cheese cream. All the novelty foods tastes sweet like candy - potato candy, meat candy.

The classics like ramly burger, dendeng, chicken wings, kebabs are still around and really tasty I must say.

Familiar green envelops, ketupat decorations and fried snacks make this place festive for the ramadan period. Even fast breaking prayers piped in to all the stores add to the atmosphere.

My dinner of Indian tacos $7 and iced Marsala tea $4 completed this outing. The coconut cream used in these tacos remind me of suntan lotion, hope they didn't actually put that into these edibles.

The Geylang Serai Ramadan bazaar is located outside OneKM shopping center.