Friday, February 15, 2019

YardBird @ MBS

Yardbird @ MBS serves American style cuisine but the decor and music is really masculine + rustico. If not for the good reviews on the food, I wouldn't come here at all.

I ordered the set lunch and Arnold Palmer iced tea, don't quite know what that is and there isn't any description. I like the mason jars and appetizers like deviled eggs, what I had here. It's a little sour but the smoked trout eggs on top are really good and make all the difference.

Best part of lunch is actually the hand-cut potato chips, unbelievably delicious especially with the sauces like ketchup, sweet chili and honey bourbon. I would order that on its own. The seafood roll I had was very fresh & bouncy.

Walking around The Shoppes I got an eyeful on Omega's new constellation watch strap, think it came out only a few years ago. Along with its new Day-Date watch face. Looking good in gold.

Chaumet Josephine ring, famously known as angelababy's $1.5 million dollar wedding ring.

Rolex President watch in solid gold is about $32,000 SGD. The all diamonds version is about $150,000 SGD.

Cartier's jewellery box bag is back Guirlande de Cartier, for those looking for a belated Valentine's Day gift this year.

I am still into Kwanpen croc, especially with the hardware. Clutches are under $5,000 sgd and bags are under $10,000 sgd.

Friday, February 8, 2019


This is my fengshui Ju Bao Peng or Wealth Bowl. The trend before was different gemstone chip beads and now its crystal pebbles of the same colour. I thought about buying the marble ones on SGmall auctions but someone left this one lacquered coconut bowl at my place. Coconut husks like this are really popular in these yoga years and used to hold food, like the pic below.

I placed all my zoisites in one bowl. There is the gemstone Tanzanite, set into a pair of butterfly white gold earrings from Goldheart. Anyolite, also known as Ruby in Zoisite, faceted beads bracelet. Thulite, opaque pink cabochons that look like tumbled pebbles. Clinozoisite, gemstone beads in faceted leaf shapes.

These are pretty close to smoky quartz, one of my favorite gemstones. Only smoky quartz has an orange glow from within and clinozoisite has a greenish-yellow glow from within.

Thulites just look like coloured pebbles, closer to marble I would think. I started with these pretty pink pebbles when I put together my wealth bowl.

Very proud that I managed to find an unusual variety that I now know as Anyolite. It looks like watermelon and is often used to make objects d'art or home decor items. 

Tanzanite is really popular now, its natural purplish-blue colour is unique. The darker variety of gemstone Tanzanite actually resembles blue Sapphires. It's regular retail pricing is 12.5% to 25% of the price of blue sapphires, making it a real steal of a deal.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Chinatown Lightup

The lanterns look like stained glass sculptures this year.

There was a small celebration just before this for my mom, the flowers are pretty amazing. 

Lunch at Ban Heng by myself, hotpot tofu & seafood with rice mixed in and fried omelette.

Did it again at Aone Claypot, Kung Pao chicken hotpot with rice mixed in.

Boiled peanuts that I love more than regular salted peanuts or even achar. Sprite with sour plums to make a salted drink. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Gold Silver Central

Lunch at Ta Lu Prawn Noodles place that is still packed with customers on weekday lunch hours. This eatery has changed location umpteenth times and is still located in this same area.

There is a place to buy silver, platinum and gold coins/bars in Singapore that is not Singapore Mint or the Bank. GoldSilverCentral carries a wide variety of bullion & bars from other countries like China and also a variety from International banks & MNCs. also has a live trading site, minimum $2000 in the registered trading account with them.

I bought some Britannia Silver Coins and had to make payment and collect from the GSC office at China Square Central. There is a Chinese Lunar Zodiac series in the HM Treasury, I got two 2017 roosters that will make nice keychains for a rustic countryside home, I think. And two more 2018 Britannia 1oz. They should really sell coin bezels here but its all coin boxes and plastic sleeves.

Finding coin bezels in Singapore is really difficult, it used to be sold at every goldsmith shop and now none carry these kind of things. I tried looking for keychain coin holders online and all I could find was a bulk order request form. International online stores that carry coin bezels and deliver to Singapore for a fee are,,

 21mm wide 14k hollow rope gold chain

I also found these large chains for sale on these websites, you cannot get anything wider than 10mm gold chain in Singapore. 20" works fine for the guys but as a girl I would want to get a shorter version. I've also seen 22mm curb link gold chain on and 22mm Foxtail gold chain on

24mm wide 10k cuban gold chain

I checked out the large gold chains in Singapore, all these branded versions come under $20,000 SGD for a necklace and bracelet set;

(1) Tiffany & Co HardWear Links (pic below)
(2) Tiffany & Co T Monogram
(3) Bulgari Serpenti Catene (pic below below)


Friday, January 18, 2019

Fengshui World Store

The main Fengshui World store is at People's Park and there is one on the 1st floor and another on the 2nd floor. I went there to collect my $50 voucher for registering at the online auctions. No restrictions on the voucher but everything in the shop is really expensive. For example, macrame pandora bracelets are $100 online but at the shop its $250.

I bought the tiger eye zodiac pendant for $68 -$50 = $18, its supposed to be buy-1-get-1-free but I didn't want to argue with the sales girls. It's going to be made into mala prayer beads and I got the tiger eye beads from another shop.

This exact combination is from the auctioneer @ Fengshui World. 18mm bodhi wood beads bracelet and 8mm rosewood mala prayer beads necklace/bracelet. I chose this colour combination coz it looks like its the same wood tone. Both items can fit plus sizes.

Thai food for dinner! Watermelon cooler, boat noodles and stuffed chicken wings.