Friday, November 16, 2018

Homemade Advent Calendars

This amscan wedding cake boxes come 24 in a pack and is perfect for making Christmas advent calendars. The 25th item is usually the Christmas present that goes in the middle, where else? I have decided a candle should go in the middle, coz I checked out youtube and that's what everyone else gets on Christmas, advent calendars and candles.

Each box looks like a real slice of wedding cake and when you put it all together, it creates a perfect circle. The box itself is tiny, about credit card size so not many things can fit in except gift cards or sample sizes. It was fun looking for things to fit in.

I sealed each box with favor stickers that are a lot easier to use than regular sticky tape. It's also a lot prettier. If you print gift tags like name cards than that will fit into each cake slice box as well.

Most of the items are from Spotlight, including a round shaped candle with 2 wicks that fits perfectly in the middle of this circle. But I also went to Guardian, Watsons, Toys'r'us, Supermarkets and Jap/Korean home goods stores.

 Presented on a reusable tray. I went everywhere looking for a tray large enough to hold these boxes together and in the end I got these melamine trays from Crate & Barrel, I love their new melamine range that looks like wood/Jap pottery/Euro Folk Art Clay.

The large fish tray actually holds 27 boxes, 3 more than usual. I sealed these boxes with Christmas sticker gift tags and it turned out really colourful. Crate & Barrel has really nice candles on sale but for kids I thought I would put a small gift in the middle instead.

The other set of 21 boxes (24 - 3) I placed on a paella pan purchased from Spotlight. This red paella pan is a little small, there's a bigger size but its in black. If I put 2 eyes on it, it looks like a doggie face.

I also used a Wilton Round Cake Pan purchased from Spotlight, its the largest size available. I thought about stuffing the edges with fern/leaves but ended up stuffing it with cookies instead, wrapped in colourful tissue.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Paris Baguette Cafe

Finally stopped over at Paris Baguette cafe that everyone is raving about. The sheer variety on display is amazing!

Cute bites and sweet buns, I ordered the sweet chili bacon bun that has a whole egg inside with hollandaise sauce. There is a non-chili version available. Mini burgers with teriyaki glaze and fresh Atlantic crab sandwiches in cupcake wrappers with wasabi.

I had the Very Berry dessert with fresh fruit juice one day and Peach delight with cold cream coffee the next. The desserts are amazing! Both times the bill was under $35.

Checking out the SooKee sales event nearby, cocktails provided. What a big budget, usually they just hand out champagne. Macarons and Donuts provided as well.

My door gift and vouchers that I didn't use, nothing to buy.

Up to 70% off diamonds, I was hoping the Versace stuff would be on sale but no such luck, only 5% off.

Friday, November 2, 2018

H&M Moschino

I cannot believe this year's H&M collaboration with Moschino, its 80's, its Disney, its also MTV. The prints are Versace-like, the boots & accessories are Chanel-like, the underwear are investment pieces. It's out on Thursday 8 Nov 2018 and I think people are going to be queuing overnight for it.
There are only 2 items I can get and that's the oversized backpack and charm belt that doubles as a necklace. Charm belts were all the rage in the 80's but difficult to find today.

There are also 2 items that you might want to consider an upgrade on. That's the charm belt also featured in Chanel's Cruise 2019 collection so they are bringing it back. The other is Moschino's biker jacket bag, available in S/M/L/XL in various colours and designs @ Farfetch or Yoox. The mini version here is cute and affordable.
The leather, sequins and dresses are really amazing, but honestly I wouldn't know where to wear it to. If I were to get clothing from this collection it would probably be one of the crop jacket and skirt sets.

 More looks from the collection, the sequin parka and gold print parka are highly coveted, not often that fashion meets function. These H&M collaborations are really celebrities everyday clothes covered.

Friday, October 26, 2018

RV vacation?

My relatives recently brought up travelling by RV across America since it is a recreational vehicle used for travelling on the roads and it is what Americans most often use. It is so huge now that there are RV parks in all the National Parks and even mid-sized towns across America offering mini-golf, water-parks, playgrounds as part of the overall experience.

I am not sure about ...
  1. The Price, its a little high. But a quick look at 2018/2019 brand new models say I can get an RV for the same price as a car.
  2. The Tight Fit Inside, it's a tiny home on wheels. I'll be outdoors most of the time anyway and slide-outs are pretty common these days. I just need to choose a floor-plan that suits my travelling needs. 
  3. Drivers Licence Requirements, I thought I needed a trucking licence. As it turns out a regular drivers licence is OK for Class B, Class C RVs and Class A RVs with fully loaded weight below 26,000 lbs. Tow-Alongs (Trailers) are also OK, just make sure your vehicle can take on that tow capacity, I'm thinking more along the lines of commercial trucks/vans that can take on double the weightage of regular trucks/vans.
  4. Convenience of not having to book a hotel ahead of time and specifying how long you need to stay there. I can decide when I want to stay or leave and have all my things with me. But whenever you park the RV, you have to do some housekeeping like connecting to water and electricity.
  5. Travelling Costs are about the same with or without RV. Hotels charge more per night, RV Parks do charge something nominal but nowhere near what it'll cost to fuel up and run.
  6. Sanitation. Everyone says not to use the RV bathroom/toilet as it is only for emergencies. Truck stops and highway rest stations offer shower and toilet facilities, sometimes for a fee. Same thing with laundromats.

When making a choice between trailer or motor home, I think it depends on whether you already have a car capable of towing a decent sized trailer. You can still use your car on vacation by unhitching the trailer, that makes it really convenient to sight-see or pick up groceries. You can also buy land space and leave your trailer there like a house.

Motor-homes that can be had with a regular drivers licence are ...

  1. Class A RVs under 26,000 lbs that look like buses. I like these vehicles for that sleek exterior look, privacy from being above ground level and you can opt for enlarged windows in front for a great view of the open road when you are driving. Tiffin Allegro Breeze Motorhome or Winnebago Sightseer both around $260,000 USD.
  2. Class B RVs that look like remodeled vans, I would much rather get a station wagon or regular van instead, pricing is same or cheaper. I recommend Airstream Mercedes Benz Atlas for around $216,000 USD, it's got lots of custom fittings.
  3. Class C RVs that resemble trucks with overhead bunk that is what I want. It would be really cool to have a sunroof where the overhead bunk bed is so you can see the stars at night. If you want 2 full size beds in one vehicle, this is your best option. I recommend any brand, any model size as it comes under the weight requirements. Prices are from USD $55,000.

The outside feature I like the most is the outdoor kitchen, swing-out BBQ and cook-top with lighting.

Outdoor entertainment center, TV and speakers to listen to music outside.

Most importantly, it needs a large enough awning to provide shade and storage accessible from the outside to hold tables and chairs, maybe even a pull-out table.