Friday, September 21, 2018

Mid Autumn Festival 2018

Traditional Hong Kong cafe food for lunch, have forgotten how delicious chicken stock + msg is, even though its just maggi mee and spam.

Cola cocktails and a warm crumbly polo bun with spiced pork chop within. I think I had something similar in Macau at a well known Cha Chaan Teng before. Now its available at Tai Lei Loi Kei Vivocity.

Picked up some things at the supermarket for the coming mid-autumn festival. I was planning on getting traditional style mooncakes and found these prettily packaged Oreo mooncakes instead, 6 pieces for $29.90. It comes with a matching gift bag and instructions on how to make a gift card.

I want to gift this to someone but I don't know who. I prefer snow skin mooncakes to the baked version and these mochi-custardy flavours are all there. It's chocolate Oreo fillings inside and tastes really different from all the other Oreo treats out there.

Not forgetting tea, I bought gifts sets from Twinings and Nescafe Gold that came with transparent  drinking tumblers. Its 3 tea bags to 1 tumbler.

I am planning to get my next box from Chateraise Patisserie $29.90 for 4 pieces. It's snowskin, I like the variations coz its kinda like mochi. Even Ya Kun has mooncakes for sale this year $52.80 for 8 pieces.

Trying out the Starbucks baked mooncakes, runny eggyolks are a popular recipe from Hongkong now available in Singapore. Its really better than regular mooncakes but the price is a little higher, 6 small sized mooncakes for $49.90.

Friday, September 14, 2018

OG Anniversary Sale

OG was open 1 hour earlier for its members sale and the queues were all around the building and back. I am shocked! There is no point making it early coz you can just walk-in after 10am or so, there is a queue but its a short q.

Look at the crowds inside and at the cashier counters. Impossible to browse, I just picked up the items I was planning to get and got out. I left out the fan, a bulky item as there is no place to even walk through. But lots of people got luggage that they put their shopping into and then wheel home, that seems to be the best option.

My very reasonably loaded carrier, I did think about having to take public transportation home. Stopped by a coffee-shop near the bus stop for lunch.

Half of my shopping was for birthday presents, so these items here are for myself.

A backpack for those shopping trips to Malaysia, it will most likely be for groceries more than anything else. Only $7.90 the cheapest one on sale.

Magic markers spray kit for crafting purposes $15 on sale. I've had magic markers before but not with the spray gun and it even comes with templates.

Pierre Cardin wallet in green leather with gold-tone hardware, $39 on sale. I needed a new wallet and couldn't believe the price on this, there wasn't many left. 

My Little Pony blind bags, half priced. These are soo fun to open and make great desk displays.

OG home delivery on my GSS buys last month, making it soo convenient to travel by public transport. I wasn't planning on entering any GSS Lucky Draws this year but I did so with these purchases.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Free Gifts with Purchase

 Indian Pani Puri for dinner, its kinda different with its jumbo size and no mint dressing.

Lay's potato chips was giving away these cute backpacks, as if you need a reason to buy potato chips. Usually I get free food items like a bag of pasta when I buy 2 bottles of sauces or a bottle of kaya from purchasing a loaf of bread. Most other times its a free manufacturer bag from the supermarket, like these Kinder Bueno and Tesco A4 size totes. 

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Water Bottle 1L, I almost bought the same thing at Starbucks only this one is bigger. I also managed to get the Haribo Gummies water bottle from purchasing 2 packets of gummy bears.

I didn't manage to redeem the red Pyrex pot from purchasing $18 worth of Knorr chicken stock cubes coz it was fully redeemed. Maybe I'll get better luck next time. Meanwhile, I entered a colouring contest by J&J, no age restrictions.

More supermarket prize collections and I am getting better at finding the offices.

$200 Fairprice Vouchers from Glad baking paper
$50 Starbucks card from Philly Cheese ( I use one package each pasta meal)
Pierre Cardin Luggage from Pantene shampoos & conditioners

Gyros for dinner, never had it before, almost similar to kebabs but the kebabs here are soo non-standard and hybridized that I cannot really tell the difference anymore.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Under $15 Meals

Its this new Thai style meepok at ThaiThai Kitchen that has everyone QQ. The opening special price is just $5.90 for a bowl and a total meal with sides, dessert and drink will cost you under $15.

My fave dish here is actually Thai Green Curry kway teow coz I love green curry and they make it here with the most lemak coconut milk. There is one dry noodle dish - grilled chicken with green jade noodles.  

A new obsession is tempura udon. Its the fluffy & crispy flour with dipping sauce that I cannot get from the supermarket to make at home. There are other Ichiban Boshi bowls under $15 (or $12.80 if you include service charge and gst).

XO Fish Slice bee hoon $8.90 from the coffeeshop and it's the real deal. The soup is packed with flavour even though it looks white and clear. Usually you have to order a family sized portion but here its available in individual portions.

Pepper Lunch has hot sizzling plates and my fave is hamburg steak & steak bites with veges at just $9.50. I think they put hamburger helper in the hamburg steak, its soo yummy and soft. Drizzle some sauce on the veges, it helps to cook the bean sprouts.

Mukbang @ Jollibee for $15, you can get a lot of food and its all good stuff. The burger patties are a little smallish, the mashed potatoes are over buttered but the fried chicken is good with mini cups of gravy you can drink down.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Imperial Herbal Restaurant

We came back to the same Chinese Herbal Restaurant for Sunday dinner with Uncle Andy & his family, ABCs for company tonight.

This was in the restaurant display case, croc I should think but a mini one.

Today's specials, Buddha Jumps over the Wall and Stewed Tortoise. That we didn't have any of coz we ordered the set meal.

Egg white Fu Rong. Where did they put the yolk?

Melon soup with little balls of vegetables inside, or bubble tea soup as someone said.

Steamed soon hock, really good. I was thinking if I should have seconds and thirds of this.

Stewed house-made beancurd that is really soft and smooth.

Selfies taken during dinner.