Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multi Hair Styler

A multi styler hair appliance is an essential grooming tool for big girls. I think it's the best idea ever, as we don't always have the same hairstyle and it is soo versatile to create many different looks on a whim. Not only does it save space, we really only need to learn how to use one product, that's all.


Things to look for are :
(1) Straightening plates have to be ceramic coated to ensure smooth gliding.
(2) Big curl and small curl attachments to achieve different looks.
(3) Brush attachment is a must! Use to dry your hair at night and blow-set it in the morning.

Blasting your hair with that much heat on a regular basis will take its toil so buy heat protecting creams to run through your hair before heat styling. Not only will your hair be healthier, some creams help set the look for a more professional finish.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Honeymoon Dessert

My brother brought us to Honeymoon Dessert for dessert, what else! This Hong Kong chain sees long queues everyday.

I had the ice cream, mango puree, mochi one that was quite delicious. The mini mochis were chewy with a little coconut mixed into the mango puree.

The variety is classic chinese, nothing new and surprising. But, the basics are done really well here.

Something else they have here is pancakes, a very fine and thin dough skin with fresh cream and fruit puree inside. Like crepes but with more bounce.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new HP Desktop

My dad got me a new desktop last weekend from HP's slimline series. Desktops usually last about 5 years and Laptops for about 2 years. Thereafter, it starts getting cranky and develop quirks.

Soo excited about this new s5-1250d. Meant for gamers it has 4GB memory and 1TB storage in addition to wireless mouse and keyboard. My dad also got me the upgraded 23 inch screen and extended 3 year warranty for hassle free repairs where HP will pick up the PC from my place.

My favourite part has to be the Dr Dre Beats Audio built-into the CPU. For crystal clear sound when listening to my CDs or watching movies on my PC. OS - wise, HP has this new Magic Canvas that puts up a 3D background and allows you to pin up notes on the screen, it also swerves right and left for more screen space, cool!

The components are built to be smaller, thinner and lighter than before. So I can move it around my table to make way for other projects. Would be perfect if my dad also got me that wireless HP printer to go with it. But my all-in-one printer is less than 3 years old and lightly used so no chance.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Houseonthehill.net is a US site selling and sharing German springerle or Dutch Speculaas - 17th century delicacies of biscuits made from hand-carved wooden moulds. Today's equivalent will be the cookie press that can only be found at specialty stores like these Star Wars cookie cutters available at Williams Sonoma or the Wilton Cookie Press.

Old fashion wooden Speculaas moulds are still made by hobbyists and the intricately carved designs are endless. Traditionally used to make biscuits, it can also be used to make cake covers or even clay decorations.

Bakerella used her springerle mould to make cupcake covers, creating a perfectly controlled and formal look fit for royalty. Now I soo absolutely have to have one. Given Singapore's hot weather, the cookies will melt back into a blob once baked, so it's use on fondant or marzipan is perfect.

I absolutely love the springerle rolling pins! So full of vintage euro-country charm and only available from Houseonthehill.net.

* pictures from houseonthehill.net, WIllians Sonoma and Bakerella

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rose Cakelets

My new Nordicware Rose Cakelet pan. Nice touch printing the recipe on the packaging so home cooks can get started immediately. I didn't have any jam at home so I used rose syrup instead.

 The batter turned a nice rosy red due to the rose syrup, but, the end result was a very normal yellow cake colour. The flavour is spot on though, everyone loved it!

Each cakelet is the size of a cupcake. Perfect size for a fancy teatime snack or gift.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

FIAT 500 on Gilt.com

Remember Gilt.com promotion with Volkswagon 2 years ago in 2010 to sell brand new Volkswagon Jettas in a special gold colour for USD$ 6,000, normally priced at USD$ 23,265. Websites crashed and eventually only a few lucky winners did get to own their car.

Well, this year it's all about the FIAT 500. In black, in white and in Gucci.

2013 FIAT 500 ABARTH for USD$ 16,000. It's black and red with the works - leather seats and premium audio system including a BLUE&ME™ Hands-Free Communication with iPod®, USB and MP3 interface.

 2013 FIAT 500 Cabrio for USD$ 10,000. It's white and fuchsia, comes with a tyre repair kit and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio.

Then there is Gucci, bundled with a 7 day trip to Italy for 2. Priced at USD$ 27,750, it's like paying for the car and getting an Italy holiday free. It comes in Gucci White or Gucci Black and includes all the features of ABARTH and CABRIO with Gucci striped seat belts, Guccisimi Leather seats and Gucci logo wheel, knobs, badges. Bag not included.

Buy now from Gilt.com. Only available for a limited time. Did I mention the Gucci one even comes with a Bose sound system. For the price of one of their more expensive bags, you can now own a CAR!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oscar de la Renta Jewellery

It's a little peculiar when Oscar de la Renta who is known for his formal & utterly refined gowns, embarks on a decidedly rough-hewn fine jewellery collection. Featuring imperfect gems and made by the domestic artisanal community in India. Maybe it's the contrast that works well or maybe it's a clever marketing ploy to offer his clientele, those women that have it all, the choice of eclectic jewellery. As his longtime friend and chief jewellery designer Loulou de la Falaise calls it "Luxurious Gypsy".

Picture above: Oscar de la Renta’s 18k yellow gold and citrine bangle $6,250, 18k yellow gold and tourmaline cuff $35,100, 18k yellow gold and diamond necklace $26,520.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Short of expensive and painful IPL permanent hair removal, epilators are the best possible way to remove unwanted hair. Cheaper than regular waxing and more comfortable re-growth than shaving. I think guys can use this as well to get a closer shave.

Phillips SatinPerfect Epilator

Most electrical brands like Braun, Phillips or Panasonic carry epilators and it can retail from $50 to $200. I have had 3 sets so far, the first being the original Epilady that my mom bought for me from Sell-A-Vision the home shopping network. I change sets for the improved features and not because it breaks, so I guess 1 set can last you a lifetime. 

Braun Silk-epil Dual Epilator

Some important features you should look out for:
(1) Rotating head, your body is curved not flat
(2) Removable head, so you can wash and clean it
(3) Different hair lifters to fit the different parts of your body and ensure finer hairs are removed

I try not to come into contact with water just after depilation. Instead, I dust the hair off with a dry towel or brush followed by a post-depilatory cream bath. Post-depilatory creams help slow down regrowth, regrowth is also softer and lesser. Currently, I am using Caron Bump Eraiser that I paid $70 for, list price online says $26! I am never trusting my friend's waxer again.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tung Lok Signatures

TungLok Signatures at Vivocity is everybody's family favourite coz it has all the TungLok menus under one roof, classic chinese to fusion dishes. Perfect place for Saturday family dinner, afterwards we did some shopping at Vivocity before heading home.

We ordered some appetizers while we peruse the menu and wait for the rest of our family to arrive. Fried Tofu cubes with salt and pepper, sliced Pork with garlic and the perennial favourite Roasted Pork belly.

The absolute best dish of the night has to be these 2 appetizers, sliced pork with garlic that had everyone amazed at the flavours and roasted pork belly that we couldn't get enough of.

My mom ordered Peking Duck. The duck meat was fried into rice and we ordered one more seafood noodle dish to fulfill out carb requirements for the day.

My brother wanted us to try his current favourite dish, Cod fish fried with egg yolk. Amazingly good and tastes better hot out of the pan.

The chef prepared for us Sweet & Sour Pork that is not on the menu and Claypot Bullfrog.

TungLok has a membership card that you can buy for $10 and refunds $50 with min $120 spent each visit. Also, TungLok belongs to Palate group that entitles Palate and Amex cardholders 50% off the bill when 2 people dine at participating restaurants.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Laline is Israel's leading bath and beauty shop, now available in Singapore at Marina Square. The product line is astounding and you can find everything you need in 1 store alone. A one-stop shop to create your own home spa including accessories like cotton slippers and bathtub caddy. Prices range from $10 hand wash to $70 perfume. All products are made from basic natural ingredients and the staff will wrap your purchases in pretty black and white paper.

I purchased a foaming facial wash $29.90 that looks kinda plain but smells incredibly lovely. Face It facial wash contains vitamin E, calendula and chamomile extracts.

Apart from the usual gels and oils, Laline also carries a Foam Fatal Whipped Body Soap that comes out like whipped cream $22.50 and these pretty bath bombs for babies with toys inside $16.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


DSQUARED Poulette Leather Dress USD$2,390

RevolveClothing.com is another US based multi-label website, selling clothes and accessories. This one carries mid-market labels from well-known brands like See by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other popular fashion labels not found in Asia like Alexander McQueen, Dsquared. Free international shipping on orders above USD$ 100.

Missoni Giuni Knit Top USD$ 885

RevolveClothing has an affiliate sample sale site ReverseReverse. Similar to other sample sale sites on the internet, you have to register for an invitation to join in the shopping. Heavily discounted goods are offered for a limited period. Good value for money, but, can get really addictive.

Herve Leger Body Con Dress in Bright Aqua USD$1,350

Forward carries more upmarket brands like Gucci and BV in addition to Revolve's selection. Not sure how it's affiliated but Forward is, maybe it's owned by BFFs. Free international shipping on all purchases.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Marigold Yuzu Juice

I am positively addicted to Marigold Peel Fresh's Yuzu Juice! It's the Japanese version of Lemonade only with more flavour and a lovely floral citrus scent. The website says this drink is made from the specially cultivated yuzu fruit, a Japanese delicacy imported from Kochi island, Japan. Best of all, 1 glass satisfies our vitamin C requirements for the day.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bon Bon Soaps

Rebatched soap ends from my pastel soaps. This time I made smaller cupcake size guest soaps.

Wrapped into a bonbon with a soap label so people don't accidentally eat it.

You can buy Bonbon Soaps from Murphy & Daughters, USD$12 each in 4 scents - Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Milk, Tea Rose.