Monday, July 23, 2012

Tung Lok Signatures

TungLok Signatures at Vivocity is everybody's family favourite coz it has all the TungLok menus under one roof, classic chinese to fusion dishes. Perfect place for Saturday family dinner, afterwards we did some shopping at Vivocity before heading home.

We ordered some appetizers while we peruse the menu and wait for the rest of our family to arrive. Fried Tofu cubes with salt and pepper, sliced Pork with garlic and the perennial favourite Roasted Pork belly.

The absolute best dish of the night has to be these 2 appetizers, sliced pork with garlic that had everyone amazed at the flavours and roasted pork belly that we couldn't get enough of.

My mom ordered Peking Duck. The duck meat was fried into rice and we ordered one more seafood noodle dish to fulfill out carb requirements for the day.

My brother wanted us to try his current favourite dish, Cod fish fried with egg yolk. Amazingly good and tastes better hot out of the pan.

The chef prepared for us Sweet & Sour Pork that is not on the menu and Claypot Bullfrog.

TungLok has a membership card that you can buy for $10 and refunds $50 with min $120 spent each visit. Also, TungLok belongs to Palate group that entitles Palate and Amex cardholders 50% off the bill when 2 people dine at participating restaurants.

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