Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cake Dresser a Singapore site selling all sorts of baking accessories for the alpha mom, free shipping if you spend more than $25. Singaporeans love to bake, so this website supplements our burgeoning collection of bakeware to include cakepops and novelty cookies into our repertoire. Check out Bakerella for inspiration.

I am most intrigued by Magi-Cake Strips, $16.50 to $39 for a pack of 2. These strips help you bake the perfect cake without the raised center and crusty sides. Why doesn't the manufacturer just make pans we can buy. Anyway, the main attraction of this site are really the pretty cupcake holders, $4.80 for 50 pieces same price as supermarkets.

I purchased a Norpro checkerboard cake pan for $28.90, reasonably priced I guess. I absolutely adore checkerboard cakes and haven't found a bakery that sells them in Singapore since I was a little girl. Hoping the cakes turn out well.

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