Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multi Hair Styler

A multi styler hair appliance is an essential grooming tool for big girls. I think it's the best idea ever, as we don't always have the same hairstyle and it is soo versatile to create many different looks on a whim. Not only does it save space, we really only need to learn how to use one product, that's all.


Things to look for are :
(1) Straightening plates have to be ceramic coated to ensure smooth gliding.
(2) Big curl and small curl attachments to achieve different looks.
(3) Brush attachment is a must! Use to dry your hair at night and blow-set it in the morning.

Blasting your hair with that much heat on a regular basis will take its toil so buy heat protecting creams to run through your hair before heat styling. Not only will your hair be healthier, some creams help set the look for a more professional finish.

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