Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scent Diffusers

This is easily one of my hot recommendations for everyone. Glade scented gel adds natural luscious scent to your home for a low price of just $4 a month. You can adjust the scent level by moving the container up & down to expose more or less gel. Its solid form means it doesn't spill and make a mess. After a month, the gel will wither down to almost nothing and you can just throw the container out.

I usually don't like commercial scented gels as it can smell quite fake and breathing in too much makes me uncomfortable. So I burn expensive candles, essential oils and sometimes reed diffusers. However, I am quite impressed by the au natural scents from Glade, having used up a few over the last couple of months. In lieu of hanging fresh jasmine in the house, just twist open one of these and voila!

Alternatively, you can use what my parents use - Lampe Berger diffusers. These catalytic burners are the high-end versions or what I call old world luxury goods, diffusing pure distilled essential oils from France. Prices start from $100, pick from plain glass or porcelain. If you have baroque home decor then spring for a limited edition Limoges porcelain diffuser.

Special offers from Singapore Lampe Berger retailers lb.sg and lampeberger.ws. Free delivery if you purchase a carton or more of the essential oils.

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