Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movie: Avatar

Good value for money. A visual spectacle lasting 3hrs. Not quite up there with Star Wars, given the weak & predictable plot. A definite must-see this holiday season.

Happy Birthday Bro!

Hope you found my present useful. When can we expect a barbecue?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Boxing Day

The day after christmas is for all to rest after yesterday's feasting, for some to continue the gorging and best of all, Sale Shopping!

This year, I got a Tiffany Blue Book from my Brother. One more to add to my collection. I think I will start using this for note-taking.

Crabtree & Evelyn's Verbana & Sage handwash from my Sis. Little luxuries like this start and end my days on soothing notes.

A favourite amongst my friends is Chanel lip gloss. It's extra shiny & long lasting. 1 tip: Isetan Chanel counter offer free gift wrapping in the Signature double C.

Angpow from my parents. I get this every year and it never gets old. A little early (say by 2 mths)?

Incense cones from my cousin. How did she know I was out of these?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Lunch 09

Christmas Lunch is a strictly family affair. For the last 5 years, we try to do something different every year. You know, for a change. Incorporating new foods, decor and activities. For me, it's a struggle to wake up at 7am to tear open the presents. So my mom helps by buying my Kopi-C (extra thick) to wake me up. The effects are nullified with all the liquor consumed by lunchtime.

This year, we have disposable tablecloths, paper plates, napkins. It's soo festive! Loving the sky blue and metallic gold motifs. Fat santas are very cute. It also means less cleaning up to do. Surprisingly resilient waxed paper. Definitely will be repeating this again.

We have a miniature tree this year, so obviously all the presents cannot fit under it. All available table space is being used to hold Christmas presents. These are just my presents that I will be giving away.

It's Baby Ryan's first Christmas! It says so on his playsuit. He can only wear it this year.

Roast Turkey, Honey baked Ham, traditional chestnut stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce are store bought from NTUC and perfectly cooked. It came with little cooler handbags for us to carry it home with. Not bad for $65. We made herbed mashed potatoes & waldorf salad to complement our main courses. Apple Cider, Mango juice, Shandy, Beer, Red & White wine.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas List (part 3)

For those of you who are planning on last minute Christmas shopping, I have a few more things to suggest that I want as well.

Hello Kitty Toaster that prints the cute little kitty's face on your bread.

The Collector's edition of SIMS3 PC game and all associated expansion packs (I hear there are 2). Buy online from They even provide free giftwrapping.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surprise Parcel

A cotton wrapped package arrived today covered with red wax seals and sewn shut. How quaint, like some ye olde pirate's treasure. Only to reveal these gorgeous gems within. I have to say, I absolutely love the presentation. eBay is so full of surprises.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fred's Ice Trays

Fred&Friends make these quirky little gadgets that you do not know how you could live without. I have 2 ice trays; guitar & shot glass. Great for those under $20 gift exchanges at the year-end parties. Price range from $15 - $25. Buy from Takashimaya or Esplanade shop.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Wine

Just as I was wondering about the drinks list. Out popped Hello Kitty's wine range on cue. I bought all 4 bottles of red, white, rose and sparkling rose. The range is available at Da Paolo Gastronomia from $47-$53 per bottle. This is what you will be drinking for Christmas eve to New Year's if you are coming over.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate. You can do this in Singapore too! It doesn't snow, but, it's the rainy & windy season. We all love a nice hot drink in the evening. Hot cocoa powder (or choc if you like) with hot milk, topped with fresh whipped cream. Don't you just love this time of the year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Fish wrapped Sushi from Isetan Supermarket. The seasonal variety is really something else.

Le Creuset

French cooking utensils are soo adorable. Le Creuset is famous for their enameled cast iron pots, especially in cute fruit shapes. Check out Le Creuset's miniatures, for sauces, gravy or individual bowls of soup. You can serve pumpkin soup in their signature orange lacquered pumpkin pot and Pear Chutney in the realistically adorned pear stoneware pot. Now at $59 for a set of 2.

When I get my own house with an XL kitchen, I am going to stock it with Mauviel's copper pots. With it's lovely rose gold-ish sheen.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Philippe Starck's Juicy Salif

Today, I become the proud owner of a Juicy Salif by Phillippe Starck, manufactured by Alessi. The final year project of my favourite designer, the Juicy Salif (1990) is an icon of industrial design that is also displayed at MOMA. It's essentially a juice squeezer that I have spent half my life lusting after. I was lucky to, it was the last one on display at Isetan. Just in time for Christmas! My present to myself. =)

Cloud 9 Ice Cream

From Cedele the healthy sandwich place comes Cloud 9, their signature ice cream brand. Absolutely loving the Blueberry Cheese Cake flavour that is similar to the Bakerzin dessert. It's ice cream cheese (in blueberry here) mixed with a biscuit crumble. Try it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cheese Platter

I love these ready-made cheese baskets they sell at this time of the year. Given the amount of science & taste that go into mixing the perfect flavours, I am soo glad that the food experts put it together for me already. This particular platter from Cold Storage has a Christmas Goat Cheese that is awesome, creamy muttony cheese that is similar to the one Novus Restaurant serves up.

Basics of a cheese platter have to balance, acidity, cream and include Goat, Cow and Sheep. I love to serve it with fresh grapes, it's like drinking wine but without the alcohol. Also good with crackers, dried fruit + nut mix or with toasted bread for Christmas morning. The recommended serving size is 1-2 ozs per person. But, it's easy to go overboard.
(Picture from

Apart from a gourmet platter, cheese is served at this festive season in several ways:
(1) Mix of cheeses and other stuff then rolled in spices, fruits and nuts
(2) Cheese ball shaped in a christmas tree with crackers. Like chips & dip. (see pic above)
(3) Baked cheese in a bun or on it's own as a starter.

What's your cheese platter like this year?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

Due to space constraints & the recent spurt of toddlers, we have miniature Christmas trees. From live firs to floral arrangements. This year, we have a bauble tree! Made from 1 large family pack of baubles @ $34.90, a conical styrofoam base ($3.90) and UHU Por glue for styrofoam ($4), we get this lovely centerpiece for the holidays. What's your christmas tree like?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Car Accident

Car accident outside my home at 11:30pm yesterday night. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Has the drink driving season begun?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowflake Nails

Candy Wreaths

The Christmas season brings a whole host of associated craft projects. Most revolve around wreaths and tree ornaments. Since I do not have enough space in my house for a tree this year, I am just going to make child friendly decorations around the staircase.

The stuff required to make your own Candy Wreath are:
     (1) 10 lbs of Candy (I used a mix of holiday peppermints and normal sweets)
     (2) A wire clothes hanger (I took out from my wardrobe)
     (3) pack of Twist ties (Much easier to use than string)
     (4) Lots of Festive Ribbons!!

Start by attaching the twist ties to the candy and making a loop. String up all the candies through a wire hanger that has been bent into a circle. Secure the top and add a red bow. Done!

My 10 pounds of candy was enough to make 4 half-sized wreaths. The perfect size for hanging on my staircase banisters. My sister loved it so much, I gave her 1 for her new home. It's a candy bowl you can hang up on the wall, as the kids can pull off as much as they want.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zoo World

Facebook application Zoo World is my new favourite app. I am sure all my friends and family know as they have been receiving broadcasts and adoption requests from the cute fuzzy wuzzies.

I am at level 12. 586 visitors, current zoo value of $104,450. How insane!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wish List (part 2)

I found more stuff I want for Christmas ...

"Theory of Colour" by Goethe!!! Surprisingly hard to find. Unless you want to buy me a Kindle to download it on   = O

Watermelon Tourmaline strands. I love this multicoloured stone in soo many ways. This is like the classic version you can get this stone on =P

My own web domain and web-hosting plan for 1 year. Hey! Splash out and get me the software too, Microsoft Publisher, Dreamweaver...

Subscription to any magazine. Surprise me =)

Dinner at Morton's with you! Or maybe just the cookbook (yum *slurp*)

Cheese basket. I adore gourmet artisanal products for consumption.

Or maybe a good job that pays alot and a promotion??

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Handmade Korean Jewellery

Previously, we could only get these from "fie" a Japanese brand. Now every pushcart has started selling jewellery made of trinkets & bits from Korea. They are so beautiful, I am surprised no one has snapped them all up yet. The quality is much better as well. You can tell from the detailed workings on the charms & findings, either rhodium or vermeil is used to provide a lovely sheen and protective coating and I think the artisans' skill & taste level have improved. Price range from $40 to $100. A bit steep but considering most items include some semi-precious stones, I guess it's pretty reasonable. I would love to receive somemore! Only thing is vermeil is too thin a coating of gold and wears out within a couple of mths. Be careful when choosing a colour combination.

DIY Bracelet

Reminiscent of the beads I wore in my teens. I made a gemstone one for myself using Citrine (my birthstone) and Carnelian. It looks pretty good, even in the dark as the gems can still catch whatever light there is left. I am tempted to make one in every colour. But, that would just be too decadent.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Presents

I have completed my Christmas shopping and finished wrapping the whole lot by the 2nd day of December. From stocking stuffers to heartfelt presents to all the wonderful people in my life. Hope you love it! =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Light-up

The Christmas decorations have made their appearance throughout the island.

Quirky to just plain beautiful, they help you get into the mood to do your Christmas shopping.

Hhmm...a giant LV trunk outside it's flagship store. How obvious =) Happy Holidays