Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy Wreaths

The Christmas season brings a whole host of associated craft projects. Most revolve around wreaths and tree ornaments. Since I do not have enough space in my house for a tree this year, I am just going to make child friendly decorations around the staircase.

The stuff required to make your own Candy Wreath are:
     (1) 10 lbs of Candy (I used a mix of holiday peppermints and normal sweets)
     (2) A wire clothes hanger (I took out from my wardrobe)
     (3) pack of Twist ties (Much easier to use than string)
     (4) Lots of Festive Ribbons!!

Start by attaching the twist ties to the candy and making a loop. String up all the candies through a wire hanger that has been bent into a circle. Secure the top and add a red bow. Done!

My 10 pounds of candy was enough to make 4 half-sized wreaths. The perfect size for hanging on my staircase banisters. My sister loved it so much, I gave her 1 for her new home. It's a candy bowl you can hang up on the wall, as the kids can pull off as much as they want.

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