Saturday, December 5, 2009

Handmade Korean Jewellery

Previously, we could only get these from "fie" a Japanese brand. Now every pushcart has started selling jewellery made of trinkets & bits from Korea. They are so beautiful, I am surprised no one has snapped them all up yet. The quality is much better as well. You can tell from the detailed workings on the charms & findings, either rhodium or vermeil is used to provide a lovely sheen and protective coating and I think the artisans' skill & taste level have improved. Price range from $40 to $100. A bit steep but considering most items include some semi-precious stones, I guess it's pretty reasonable. I would love to receive somemore! Only thing is vermeil is too thin a coating of gold and wears out within a couple of mths. Be careful when choosing a colour combination.

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