Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wish List (part 2)

I found more stuff I want for Christmas ...

"Theory of Colour" by Goethe!!! Surprisingly hard to find. Unless you want to buy me a Kindle to download it on   = O

Watermelon Tourmaline strands. I love this multicoloured stone in soo many ways. This is like the classic version you can get this stone on =P

My own web domain and web-hosting plan for 1 year. Hey! Splash out and get me the software too, Microsoft Publisher, Dreamweaver...

Subscription to any magazine. Surprise me =)

Dinner at Morton's with you! Or maybe just the cookbook (yum *slurp*)

Cheese basket. I adore gourmet artisanal products for consumption.

Or maybe a good job that pays alot and a promotion??

Merry Christmas!

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