Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink RUSS Bear

The stuff of my tertiary years. Give me a soft & cuddly RUSS bear anytime over a Steiff or Sasha & Co. It's pink, soft and just the right size to hug to sleep. This is my last post on toys for the year! The bear even looks like he is waving.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tokidoki / Play Imaginative

I heard last year, Tokidoki and DevilRobot were in Singapore for the Comic Convention 2008 (our first ever). The designers met PI events people and came up with the above collaboration. Astrodemia and Evil King fill the dearth of robots in my toy collection.

Their other collaboration (Tokidoki / Trexi) Corsaro Nero guards my phone.

A pink Tokidoki peach zipper pull to finish off. The zipper pulls are in blind boxes so I got lucky I guess. It's the same colour as my Hello Kitty pouch.

Marshmallow Boy

Marshall Mashumaro is a real little boy that ate soo many marshmallows that he turned into one. *what!?* But, the 3.5 inch figurine is just too cute =)

TY soft toys

These things are unbelievably soft. Perfect for newborns or myself.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Floristry Exam

Floristry practical exam today. I arrived half an hour early to check on the rules. 3hrs 45mins for 5 arrangements! Apparently, speed is of the essence in becoming a professional florist.

My 5 arrangements. I don't get to pick what I want to do. Because it's an exam, the school dictates what arrangments are to done. My instructor held a "lucky draw" so it really is random. As you can see, the shape I stuck to was ball shape or round form. I really gravitate to that, and it shows!

First up, a test on basics: horizontal form. A common arrangement ordered by churches (for the alter) and sometimes used on dining tables. PASS!

2nd test is on gifting. This is a Gift Basket Round form (grouping). Essentially, it uses a lot of flowers and the arrangement gets quite big. I was going for an exuberant tropical feel. PASS!

3rd test: Wedding flowers. I was really lucky to get a simple bridal bouquet. Tricky part was glueing all the leaves on the holder (see below). The pink orchids look like butterflies. I am soo proud of this arrangement. PASS!

4th test: Seasonal arrangement. I was required to design an arrangement for Mother's Day. So I made a colourful topiary. Accented with acid coloured gerberas instead of bows. It smells lovely coz of the eucalyptus. PASS!

5th test: Creative design. 30 minutes and a strange wave shape vase. think...think...I just arranged the flowers in line with the wave shape on the vase. I think the peacock was the inspiration for my design. Love the texture, the simplicity of the colour scheme. But, my examiners thought otherwise and gave me 65%. Hhmmm...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Check out these cute bunnies. My first Dunny is Triclops with his bubble head of raindrops and dapper suit. Still searching for the beefeater below. Anyone can help?

Now I have a little collection growing, picking up the extra boxes for sale at the comic convention. TOOFLY and a top secret detective.

Dilbert Figurines

3D action figurines of my favourite comic strip "DILBERT" for you to re-enact your favourite strips or concoct new ones. I am a fan, so this is not a surprise. These sets are surprisingly hard to find and were made to celebrate it's 20th anniversary (hence, 2.0). Only 1 shop sells this in Singapore. I know coz I looked everywhere. How sad am I?

Comic Con Kitty

A Exclusive!!! Launched just for the San Diego Comic Convention 2009. I got mine at the Singapore Comic Convention 2009 for $9.90. Littlest Pet Shop dressed up their bobble-head kitty in shiny boots and mask to transform her into superhero. How appropriate for the convention.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I finally caved and bought my first full pack of 10. In my defense, it was the cappuccino maker and oven that did it. I buy the occasional blind box for my Barbie dolls to supplement the official Mattel stuff. Re-ment makes the most realistic and detailed miniatures, mostly of food items. I love the balloons and am trying to get hold of them.

I think the Toy convention must have sparked this wave of nostalgia as I haven't bought a miniature in over a decade. There are some other brands of miniatures, this is my favourite: Buy online from eBay, blog shops and websites or at specialty toy stores.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dreaming of this

But, in reality, eating this

I don't like being sick or being on a diet *sign*.

More Diaper Cakes!

I think I am on a roll this morning. It started with a cancan skirt made for a little girl, that I thought was ridiculously adorable. I bought the cheaper tutu version instead and made it into a diaper cake for whoever gives birth to a girl next (see picture below). Wrapped up in commercial tulle that I bought to make a tutu that didn't happen. Commercial grade tulle is so rough it is like fish netting.

Stuff inside: 20 Huggies (L) diapers, 1 bib, 1 bodysuit, 1 box of nappy liners, 1 tulle skirt, 2 diaper pins. Wrapped in white tulle, hot pink ribbons and flowers. To buy:

Then I looked at the excess pink baby stuff and decided to make a second cake (see picture below). Stuff inside: 31 Huggies diapers (L), 1 hooded towel, 1 bath towel, 1 face towel, 4 bodysuits, 1 wood rattle, 3 nappy pins, 6 ladybird wood pegs. Wrapped in pink confetti clear wrapper. To buy:

I used up all the female baby stuff and was left with a couple of green and yellow baby stuff. So I thought I would use up everything in another cake (see picture below). Stuff inside: 21 Huggies diapers (L), 1 hooded towel, 1 frog baby shower cap, 1 giraffe pull toy and a Hi-5 DVD, all secured with 2 wood ladybird pegs. To buy:

I promised my mom that I would wrap her friend's gift. So I did the same as above...3 Aussino towels and 2 L'Occitane soaps in a bucket (see picture below).

I think that's it for today. No more wrapping until next month.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miniature Pastries

Blind box of miniature pastries from Japan. Surprisingly well made. These are especially hard to find without a hp dangle or keychain attached to it. Exactly what I was looking for my Barbie dolls. It's the right size too! The fork is the same size as the official Barbie Mattel cutlery.

Valentino Bag

Love the Feminine Luxe Chic look. Haven't bought a luxury bag this year yet. But, with the opening of a Valentino boutique in ION Orchard, I think that will be my next big purchase with my bonus. Only question is the silk rosettes or floral beaded version?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello Kitty by Tokidoki

Still sick and went to the doctor today to get stronger drugs. I actually dreamed about these plushies I missed out on. So I thought I would post pictures of them instead. I really like mozzerella on the far right. Consoling myself with the fact that the 20inch version is still available on the official Tokidoki site: (no international shipping).

They also brought down this petite bag during the convention that is soo sweet you can get a toothache. Would definitely have gotten a tote version. If it was available.

All is not lost. I did get my HP dangle and a 10 inch plush. You might say I have my greed under control.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Giant Peapod

I bought one of those 4D eggs during chinese new year. You crack it on top, add water and out grows a plant with a 4D number on it for gambling purposes. It costs $1 from any pasar malam or "moving out sale" store. So I read in a couple of bridal magazines that these plant eggs make wonderful novelties for your guests. Especially when the one I bought had this lovely gold crackle on it.

I didn't win anything with the number but check out the huge and healthy plant that grew from it! My nephews have been diligently watering it for me and were the first to notice the giant peapod (6 inches!!) that we adults mistook for a leaf at first glance. Incredible right! I didn't even know what type of plant it was. Only knew it was a creeper, seeing how it made it's way across half the railing on the it's own. Life is just full of small surprises.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention

Artists collaboration near the exit. Yes, not the entrance. They are drawing their signature characters so you know who drew what.

Blythe dolls. A fixture at any toy fair these days. To be honest, I did do a little research on which Blythe I would want. After seeing the rainbow sprite series above, I think I would love anyone of them. Junko Wong was on hand to sign autographs for your Blythe. More Blythes below.

Steiff exhibited their Limited Edition Karl Lagerfield bear (below pic). That went mysteriously missing from Day 2 onwards. I wonder if someone bought it or it was taken off display for security reasons. I still can't believe a mohair Steiff bear keychain (2 inches) costs $78. That's the same price as a regular Steiff.

My haul from the Singapore Toys, Games and Comic convention (below pic). Got most of it signed by the creators themselves. Apart from the 4 highlighted artists for this convention, Simone Legno of Tokidoki and David from Uglydolls were at their booths, happily obliging for photos and autographs.

I am still upset that I wasn't fast enough to grab the 2 foot Hello Kitty dolls by Tokidoki. Anyways, I got him to draw a picture for me (see below pic).

Lots of stalls selling hard to find games & toys, official booths taking advance orders for new toys, representation from the main comic book distributors in Singapore and Toys'r'us & Takashimaya with their giant booths & glass cases of limited edition toys. Making it pretty easy to get a great gift for someone here. I got an uglydoll signed by the creator as a gift for my friend.

Loads of atmosphere from the costumed contestants, Stars Wars 501 legion doing their fund raising for Make A Wish Foundation and a couple of officially costumed video game characters wondering around. All would happily stop and pose for you on request. Picture above is the free gift I got from my trip, a die cast model of a star wars ship.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am not in the best of health right now to be dousing myself in alcohol. But, still agreed to join my friends for dinner at Morton's Bar. hhmm...the lure of $10 mortinis and free flow of fillet mignon sandwiches makes happy hour a popular time and by 5pm, the waiters had to close the doors as the bar was full. (Picture above is of the appletini with a rim of cinnamon liqourice. Picture below is of the free fillet mignon sandwich with mustard, yummy!).

I was content to sit out the drinking and plop myself on a barstool for my dinner. The waitresses told us that it is very common for people to have their appetizers at the bar before proceeding to the restaurant for dinner. Towards the end of the evening, I saw several waiters bringing main courses into the bar. I wonder if they wheel that trolley up the stairs as well?

Apart from appetizers, they also have bar snacks like chicken goujonettes, mini prime cheeseburgers, blue cheese fries and crab spinach & artichoke dip. You won't be able to try all in one sitting. My friend and I were floored after the mini burgers (picture above) and chicken goujonettes (picture below).

Monday, August 10, 2009