Monday, August 17, 2009

Giant Peapod

I bought one of those 4D eggs during chinese new year. You crack it on top, add water and out grows a plant with a 4D number on it for gambling purposes. It costs $1 from any pasar malam or "moving out sale" store. So I read in a couple of bridal magazines that these plant eggs make wonderful novelties for your guests. Especially when the one I bought had this lovely gold crackle on it.

I didn't win anything with the number but check out the huge and healthy plant that grew from it! My nephews have been diligently watering it for me and were the first to notice the giant peapod (6 inches!!) that we adults mistook for a leaf at first glance. Incredible right! I didn't even know what type of plant it was. Only knew it was a creeper, seeing how it made it's way across half the railing on the it's own. Life is just full of small surprises.

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