Saturday, August 8, 2009

Currently Reading

Bonnier books series of "Authentic Recipes Celebrating the Foods of the World". Light reading with interactive bits where you can actually prepare the food. Essentially, it's like daycare for adults. I have 5 books in the series so far; New York, London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome. Looking forward to more!

Excited, coz it combines my 2 greatest interests in life, food and travel. It's quite amazing to read about the gastronomical history of the city, it's signature dishes, gourmet highlights, then the people involved and recipes! Loads of mouthwatering pictures that'll make you feel like a gourmand friend is sharing her journey with you.

My favourite in the series is New York. The coverage on the various cultures' cuisine is something else. Love the writeup on artisanal cheese and of course, the original recipe for the Waldorf Salad.

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