Thursday, August 27, 2009

Floristry Exam

Floristry practical exam today. I arrived half an hour early to check on the rules. 3hrs 45mins for 5 arrangements! Apparently, speed is of the essence in becoming a professional florist.

My 5 arrangements. I don't get to pick what I want to do. Because it's an exam, the school dictates what arrangments are to done. My instructor held a "lucky draw" so it really is random. As you can see, the shape I stuck to was ball shape or round form. I really gravitate to that, and it shows!

First up, a test on basics: horizontal form. A common arrangement ordered by churches (for the alter) and sometimes used on dining tables. PASS!

2nd test is on gifting. This is a Gift Basket Round form (grouping). Essentially, it uses a lot of flowers and the arrangement gets quite big. I was going for an exuberant tropical feel. PASS!

3rd test: Wedding flowers. I was really lucky to get a simple bridal bouquet. Tricky part was glueing all the leaves on the holder (see below). The pink orchids look like butterflies. I am soo proud of this arrangement. PASS!

4th test: Seasonal arrangement. I was required to design an arrangement for Mother's Day. So I made a colourful topiary. Accented with acid coloured gerberas instead of bows. It smells lovely coz of the eucalyptus. PASS!

5th test: Creative design. 30 minutes and a strange wave shape vase. think...think...I just arranged the flowers in line with the wave shape on the vase. I think the peacock was the inspiration for my design. Love the texture, the simplicity of the colour scheme. But, my examiners thought otherwise and gave me 65%. Hhmmm...

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  1. very good.

    Yeh the peacock looked like you just shoved it in lol.


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