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Friday, October 20, 2017


Family dinner at Jumbo Teochew restaurant, next to Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh. Some family friends are joining us. My sis ordered the signature braised duck dish in addition to an 8 course menu in advance. The braising sauce was not herbal at all and actually quite light and tasty, I guess that would make it more appealing to foreigners and kids.

The must try cold appetizers of pork trotter jelly, liver roll, prawn roll and my favorite seasoned jellyfish. All 4 starters are really delicious, not sure if its just me talking coz things like innards are not usually nice things to eat. The liver was really creamy.

Crab & sharksfin soup that everyone loves, one bowl is never really enough. Salted egg prawns that are a new food fad, it makes the dishes really rich and flavorful. Too bad there's only 1 per person.

Steamed toman fish, headless coz they use the fish heads in curry here. It's a really meaty fish found only in Asia.

Braised pork belly and fried rice, the ultimate comfort food combination. If I come here alone, I would just order these 2 dishes. The braised pork belly comes with sea cucumbers and fish maw for extra textural crunch.

Taro & Sweet Potato dessert covered in syrup. 1 pot of tea was not enough for this meal.

Over dinner I was admiring the girls gorgeous nails and apparently they all use this brand, Etude House dashing diva press-on nails. I haven't seen press-on nails since my mother's time. It's a great idea, instantly gorgeous nails without the wait & $$$. I received a new box set as a gift from them, it's got enough for 3 full mani plus some extra.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Packing for Renovations

We've been busy packing everything into moving boxes. Our place is going to be renovated and I am soo excited, we've been talking about it for dunno how long. Anyways, the biggest challenge so far is getting enough boxes.

This is just the kitchen stuff...Tupperware, plates. It's kinda unbelievable and after this I won't be buying anymore flatware & cutlery. I think there's enough kitchen stuff here to last a few more decades or maybe even a few more homes.

Kitchen demolition complete. There was nothing wrong with the cabinets, we just wanted to take down the walls and create an open kitchen, maybe add a new laundry or half bath.

These are stationery and office supplies like the printer, fax. We put the books into plastic containers coz once it gets wet, there's really no point saving it. Hopefully, we'll have a place to put all these things out once renovations are complete. Usually, people try to downscale when renovating. I haven't looked at the new plans so I don't know what its gonna look like.

Because of the shortage of cardboard boxes, my mom suggested I pack my personal stuff into all available bags I own. Which is kinda funny, imagine me carrying out 10 LV/Chanel/Prada bags all at once. That isn't actually it, its more like all the luggage bags we own. So our home stuff is in boxes and our personal stuff is in luggages.

Escaping the noise and dust @ Delifrance.

Looking at alternative living arrangements. If you don't want to live in a budget chain hotel but want to spend around that amount, there are several boutique hotels in Chinatown. Imagine living in a historical area filled with tourist sights, quaint eateries and famous hawker centers. Booking 3 to 6 months ahead is recommended, coz when I tried to book these places it was too late to confirm the dates. Capsule hotels are the new thing, its in between backpacker hostel and Chinatown hotel.

I also tried looking for rentals by the month. In general, HDB flats go for less than $500 for 1 room and more than $500 for the whole flat per month. Condos are a few thousand dollars per month. All tenancy agreements are for at least 3 months at a time, but it really depends, sometimes its longer like 1 year.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fruit Icing Gel

Having ice cream at Vivocity, I came across this cute new body product called icing gel. It comes in watermelon, mango or strawberry and is an aloe vera after-sun gel enhanced with fruit essences for fragrance and other qualities @ $9.90. It feels quite cool to the touch and is mildly moisturizing so I got one, don't think there's another bodycare product out there like this yet.

Not to be confused with Fruit Salad Dressing by Lady's Choice, a Filipino favorite. Served with fresh cut fruits, it makes the fruits taste sweet and creamy. It can also be used in the popular pinoy dish macaroni salad.

Boon Lay MRT is right next to Jurong Point Shopping Center and I was here again to collect more prizes. Have to take a bus out to the industrial estates for prize collection and the entire process takes me hours.

Jurong Point S.C. has these popular HongKong or Tokyo themed streets with eateries, instant noodles for sale and cute souvenirs. It's also home to this Food Court that looks right out of a 5 star Malaysia Resort. All the fast food chains can be found here too.

$1,000 Chan Brothers Travel Vouchers that would translate into a 3D2N staycation in RWS or free'n'easy for 2 people to Langkawi. Haven't decided what to do with this yet, so I'll have to check with the travel agent what the latest travel destination is.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Singpost POP Stations

I re-contracted my mobile phone line and got a free phone! OK, so that's not new, most people choose to keep their existing phones and get a free tablet instead but I find tablets quite strenuous to hold. 

Instead of delivering it to my home, the new phones are delivered to a Singpost POP station. I've yet to use one of these so this is my first time checking it out. POP stations are similar to the PO boxes of old, only instead of leasing it on a yearly basis, it's chargeable on a per use basis.

So you scan a QR code or key in the details and a locker pops open with your item inside, all packaged into 1 easy bundle. So convenient!

I had to get a new phone coz my phone screen finally cracked. I've dropped my phone many times before and it has never cracked until now. I was shopping around for a new phone and couldn't find anything I really wanted so I got the $0 phone instead and it's a pink LG.

 It cannot shoot HD videos but those phones have tiny storage anyways, so you really cannot take more than a couple minutes of footage. Other than that, its pretty much the same (Android enabled) with the option of expandable storage (something my old phone didn't have).

This bundle came with a free protective transparent casing so it will protect the phone and I don't have to shop around for something pretty to cover it with. Stopped at Koufu food court for some high tea before heading home. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vacation in Bandung (Part 2)

Drinking Teh Botol, a popular drink in Indonesia and the first time I tried it I was surprised to find out its actually 香片 + sugar.

Morning breakfast @ hotel buffet.

Stopped outside the historical Asia Africa Museum for a look.

Famous Indonesian Luwak Coffee or civet cat coffee that is expensive, imagine $35 for 5 sachets of coffee. They raise live civet cats here and almost took one out for us to pose with for pictures.

Visited the Pulosari Natural Hot Spring but we didn't make it far into the site. Our group stopped at an open fountain to get foot massages and ice-cream.

Just outside the Hot Springs is an open market. I think we bought some avocados and keropok. It's mostly winter wear, toys and grocery stores.

Our bus stopped by the side of the road to get more fruits. The fruits of choice here in Bandung seem to be bananas, avocados, pineapples and perfectly shaped pumpkins with the odd potato and sugarcane thrown in.

The highlight at lunch was that fried flying fish and soup, everywhere its soto ayam that is just amazing I can have it everyday. Added a coconut coz we've been seeing it around but haven't had a chance to eat it yet.

First factory outlet we stopped by was at a bean-curd making factory, so you can get a drink and bite to eat if you are not interested in shopping. $20 jeans are really attractive but I really do not need anymore clothes so I browsed the food stalls and bought this box of vanilla mochi for 32,000 IDR.

Second shopping stop of the day, Fashion World Indonesia RWI where they were advertising 50,000 IDR leggings and 99,000 IDR T-shirts. Not bad, until I found these designer perfumes at less than 100,000 IDR each. Great time to start a perfume collection.

Last stop at Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, as advertised throughout the airport. This place is beautifully done up like a resort, with several eateries and one huge shopping center. I didn't get anything inside Rumah Mode outlet, but I did stop by the food center to take a look and ended up buying a whole bunch of food items like my aunts. All this for sgd $25.

Our last dinner here, local Indonesian food and I am beginning to sense a trend. Deep fried tofu, coconut rice, super hot sambal, fluffy oily scrambled eggs, raw veges with rojak dip, crispy deep fried fish, satay. Well, tonight we had chicken or maybe its pigeon given the number of raw pigeon meat stalls we saw at the market. This time around, my mom bought some fresh raspberries off a street vendor and the restaurant kindly washed it and served it to us after our meal.

Last minute purchases from Alfa Mart 24 hours, before heading back to the hotel room to pack. The pharmacies and super-marts here are well stocked. Facial wash, body wash and these pain relief plasters are almost 1/3 the price compared to Singapore.

Last minute shopping at the airport duty free, original Ralph Lauren at 50% discounts and more, the T-shirts are 199,000 IDR.

Back at Changi Airport, I got a mini bottle of rose moscato $11.50. We're allowed 5 mini bottles or 1 big bottle of wine, tax free.