Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention

Artists collaboration near the exit. Yes, not the entrance. They are drawing their signature characters so you know who drew what.

Blythe dolls. A fixture at any toy fair these days. To be honest, I did do a little research on which Blythe I would want. After seeing the rainbow sprite series above, I think I would love anyone of them. Junko Wong was on hand to sign autographs for your Blythe. More Blythes below.

Steiff exhibited their Limited Edition Karl Lagerfield bear (below pic). That went mysteriously missing from Day 2 onwards. I wonder if someone bought it or it was taken off display for security reasons. I still can't believe a mohair Steiff bear keychain (2 inches) costs $78. That's the same price as a regular Steiff.

My haul from the Singapore Toys, Games and Comic convention (below pic). Got most of it signed by the creators themselves. Apart from the 4 highlighted artists for this convention, Simone Legno of Tokidoki and David from Uglydolls were at their booths, happily obliging for photos and autographs.

I am still upset that I wasn't fast enough to grab the 2 foot Hello Kitty dolls by Tokidoki. Anyways, I got him to draw a picture for me (see below pic).

Lots of stalls selling hard to find games & toys, official booths taking advance orders for new toys, representation from the main comic book distributors in Singapore and Toys'r'us & Takashimaya with their giant booths & glass cases of limited edition toys. Making it pretty easy to get a great gift for someone here. I got an uglydoll signed by the creator as a gift for my friend.

Loads of atmosphere from the costumed contestants, Stars Wars 501 legion doing their fund raising for Make A Wish Foundation and a couple of officially costumed video game characters wondering around. All would happily stop and pose for you on request. Picture above is the free gift I got from my trip, a die cast model of a star wars ship.


  1. aiyah, if i know u go, ask u help buy lego...isit cheaper with ndiscount at convention?

  2. They have the limited edition lego sets at the recommended retail price (cheaper than outside) and free gifts.


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