Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Lunch 09

Christmas Lunch is a strictly family affair. For the last 5 years, we try to do something different every year. You know, for a change. Incorporating new foods, decor and activities. For me, it's a struggle to wake up at 7am to tear open the presents. So my mom helps by buying my Kopi-C (extra thick) to wake me up. The effects are nullified with all the liquor consumed by lunchtime.

This year, we have disposable tablecloths, paper plates, napkins. It's soo festive! Loving the sky blue and metallic gold motifs. Fat santas are very cute. It also means less cleaning up to do. Surprisingly resilient waxed paper. Definitely will be repeating this again.

We have a miniature tree this year, so obviously all the presents cannot fit under it. All available table space is being used to hold Christmas presents. These are just my presents that I will be giving away.

It's Baby Ryan's first Christmas! It says so on his playsuit. He can only wear it this year.

Roast Turkey, Honey baked Ham, traditional chestnut stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce are store bought from NTUC and perfectly cooked. It came with little cooler handbags for us to carry it home with. Not bad for $65. We made herbed mashed potatoes & waldorf salad to complement our main courses. Apple Cider, Mango juice, Shandy, Beer, Red & White wine.

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  1. Your lunch looks delicious! It looks like you had a great Holiday!


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