Friday, December 18, 2009

Cheese Platter

I love these ready-made cheese baskets they sell at this time of the year. Given the amount of science & taste that go into mixing the perfect flavours, I am soo glad that the food experts put it together for me already. This particular platter from Cold Storage has a Christmas Goat Cheese that is awesome, creamy muttony cheese that is similar to the one Novus Restaurant serves up.

Basics of a cheese platter have to balance, acidity, cream and include Goat, Cow and Sheep. I love to serve it with fresh grapes, it's like drinking wine but without the alcohol. Also good with crackers, dried fruit + nut mix or with toasted bread for Christmas morning. The recommended serving size is 1-2 ozs per person. But, it's easy to go overboard.
(Picture from

Apart from a gourmet platter, cheese is served at this festive season in several ways:
(1) Mix of cheeses and other stuff then rolled in spices, fruits and nuts
(2) Cheese ball shaped in a christmas tree with crackers. Like chips & dip. (see pic above)
(3) Baked cheese in a bun or on it's own as a starter.

What's your cheese platter like this year?

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