Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kiehls Review - Lip Gloss

Kiehls lip glosses are by far my favorite. Launched in 2007 in addition to Kiehl's already popular tinted lip balms, I bought one of every color coz it was on offer. My friends and colleagues told me that would last me a lifetime but I have since used up all and purchased more.

 This is the only lip gloss I know that contains antioxidants and nutrients to heal and moisturize the lips, smells nice too. Easy to apply, it is not sticky and glides on the lips smoothly. Like all glosses, the color is translucent, merely tinting the lips. However, it gives off a super glossy shine unlike other lipsticks and glosses. 

Over time, I realize the oils tends to separate from the color so I squeeze it out into a container and mix by hand before applying.

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