Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new HP Desktop

My dad got me a new desktop last weekend from HP's slimline series. Desktops usually last about 5 years and Laptops for about 2 years. Thereafter, it starts getting cranky and develop quirks.

Soo excited about this new s5-1250d. Meant for gamers it has 4GB memory and 1TB storage in addition to wireless mouse and keyboard. My dad also got me the upgraded 23 inch screen and extended 3 year warranty for hassle free repairs where HP will pick up the PC from my place.

My favourite part has to be the Dr Dre Beats Audio built-into the CPU. For crystal clear sound when listening to my CDs or watching movies on my PC. OS - wise, HP has this new Magic Canvas that puts up a 3D background and allows you to pin up notes on the screen, it also swerves right and left for more screen space, cool!

The components are built to be smaller, thinner and lighter than before. So I can move it around my table to make way for other projects. Would be perfect if my dad also got me that wireless HP printer to go with it. But my all-in-one printer is less than 3 years old and lightly used so no chance.

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