Saturday, July 28, 2012 is a US site selling and sharing German springerle or Dutch Speculaas - 17th century delicacies of biscuits made from hand-carved wooden moulds. Today's equivalent will be the cookie press that can only be found at specialty stores like these Star Wars cookie cutters available at Williams Sonoma or the Wilton Cookie Press.

Old fashion wooden Speculaas moulds are still made by hobbyists and the intricately carved designs are endless. Traditionally used to make biscuits, it can also be used to make cake covers or even clay decorations.

Bakerella used her springerle mould to make cupcake covers, creating a perfectly controlled and formal look fit for royalty. Now I soo absolutely have to have one. Given Singapore's hot weather, the cookies will melt back into a blob once baked, so it's use on fondant or marzipan is perfect.

I absolutely love the springerle rolling pins! So full of vintage euro-country charm and only available from

* pictures from, WIllians Sonoma and Bakerella

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