Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Fancl is a fresh cosmetic Japanese company that preaches total wellness. All skincare products are sold in small batches or individually packaged for per use to avoid contamination. All products do not have preservatives and chemicals, that means it is only kept on shelves for up to 1 year from date of manufacture and once opened have to be used up within 2 months. A sign that greenies and new age junkies are alive and well in Asia.

Fancl's flagship product is Mutenka, its patented anti-aging product line. But, I started with its organic natural washing powder, $26 for 50gm. I used to be a fan of The Bodyshop's Japanese washing grains with azuki beans. So this is not too distant a concept. Whilst the washing grains are more like a scrub, Fancl's washing powder is really gentle and deep cleansing. A bit troublesome to use in the shower though.

Another product I really like are the health drinks. There is TenseUp for anti-aging, White Advance for radiance, Perfect Shape-up for weight loss and Collagen for sagging skin. I have bought PERFECT SHAPE-UP several times before and although really sour and acidic to drink, it is supposed to increase lymphatic drainage to prevent fats from forming and boost metabolism, with the added benefit of clearing facial acne. Yes, that's right. $7 a bottle. 

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