Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The learning process doesn't seem to stop at graduation. The good news is that your company picks up the bill. Now if we can only get them to pay the annual membership fees as well. Industry training courses are important to people like me, who are a couple of years into the job. You are somewhere in between. Not exactly loaded with industry knowledge and contacts and not quite as enthusiastic and affordable as a fresh graduate. So we have no choice but to juggle work and study until we find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are a proponent of lifelong learning, then it's never.

6 months into my latest training course and I have finally finished my SII exams. All 3 modules. I think I am quite done with industry training for the rest of the year. Unless my company manages to find additional budget for the next 9 modules. That's 1 more qualification to pad my resume with.

Jumping from 1 course to the next, I was reminded to finish up the remaining classes for my professional floristry course. It's been 1 year 4 months and counting. Between lessons and practice sessions, I think I might be able to finish before I hit the 2 year mark. Wish me luck!

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