Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Astalift & Lunamer

New skincare brands from Japan developed by Fujifilm, Lunamer for the younger woman and Astalift for older ladies.

Astalift is all about anti-aging skincare. The signature product is also Japan's No.1 bestseller Jelly Aquarysta, $148 for 40gm jar. If you do not know what to get I would recommend the basic anti-aging travel kit ($28) where you get to try their basic anti-aging products like moisture foam. What's great about Astalift is the anti-aging products are not limited to creams and toners but extended into makeup, whitening care and even edible supplements. The products are all rose scented so its very lady-like.

Lunamer's products are divided into acne care and basic care. These products contain many ingredients including tumeric (hence its signature yellow colour). I read some blogs that complain their skin broke out in pimples after using these products. However, I tried the range for a week with no problems and I have sensitive skin, so it should be ok. These products are also scentless (if you were wondering).

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