Monday, February 15, 2016

Fat Boys Burger Bar

Sirens sounding from the Public Warning System remind us its Total Defense Day. People hear the sirens and start asking "what's happening?" like there is some natural disaster going on when its just PWS testing.

Fat Boys Burger Bar has a few outlets in Singapore and I hear their KL branch is always packed to the rafters. I tried out the full menu @ Orchard Road and the partial menu @ Zhongshan Park. All I can say its really good value for money as you get gourmand burgers with generous patties for under $20. Everything is freshly made from scratch that is perfect for a weekday dinner with ice cold tea and a side order of wings. 

Zhongshan Park has several burgers for just $10, so its a few dollars cheaper than the other outlets. My bacon cheeseburger is really juicy and messy. I kinda mind that the insides of the patty is red raw but its like that for all thick patties in order to keep it soft and juicy. I got a big mug of iced tea and fries drizzled in parsley for an additional $5. You can add other sides like wings for $5. No further service charge or taxes.

Trying the other stuff on the menu @ their Orchard branch. Foot Long hotdog with a beef sausage drenched in chili cheese sauce ($13.50) is my fave pick. Tastes really authentic Mexican.

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