Monday, February 22, 2016

Thai Feast from FairPrice

This is a restaurant quality meal for a family of 8 at the cost of just $40 from NTUC FairPrice, serve with rice.

Roi Thai Tom Yum Instant Soup with coconut milk $3.50
cook with seafood (prawns, shellfish, squid + $15)
Pasar Thai Bean Vermicelli $0.80
put into Tom Yum soup
Roi Thai Instant Green Curry with coconut milk $3.50
cook with chicken, eggplant, vegetables + $10
New Moon Thai Fishcakes $2.95
this is the best version I've tried
New Moon Seafood Fishcake/Roll $2.95
serve with Thai Chili Sauce
Kimball Thai Chili Sauce $1.15
any sweet Thai chili sauce will do

If you have extra cash to spare, some drink recommendations to accompany your meal.

OWL Thai Iced Tea instant mix packets $6.20
Authentic but I find this too sweet and usually share 1 packet with someone
Thailand Young Coconut $1.65
nothing beats fresh coconuts although everyone stocks up on the bottled version
If Fruitamin Tamarind Juice $1.30
7-11 sells fresh lemongrass & tamarind drinks as well

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