Monday, February 1, 2016

Vietnam Goodies from the Airport

My sis got these snacks from the Vietnam airports. These Keodua or coconut candies come in chocolate and Dica(?). It's really coconutty caramels that are harder than what we are normally used to, it tends to stick to your teeth when chewed.

Check out how many candies come in 1 packet.

Gingerbon are ginger candies. It's got a nice ginger flavor, kinda sweet from sugar dusting. The texture is bouncy like konnyaku, I like it.

This squirrel coffee is quite popular. My sis assures me its not coffee beans from squirrel shit.

It's a nicely packaged kit for 10 cups of black coffee. 

You place the coffee filter over the cup and pour in hot water, let it drip like regular Vietnamese Coffee. Add in sugar and stir. Soo handy.

The coffee is really good, smoky deep flavors with no aftertaste, a sign of good quality beans.

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