Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Unusual Gems

I had some of my gem quality stones set into rings 2 years back. My jeweller was quite reasonable and nice, so I managed to get fairly decent jewellery made. The above is a vivid pink 9 carat Topaz. Quite rare and I think it might be heat treated to achieve this fantastic colouration. Set in pink gold surrounded by pink sapphires in a pave setting. This stone was recommended and sold to me by the jeweller.

Next up is one of my rare finds, a high grade 5 carat bi-colour tourmaline in vivid green and yellow. Can you see the distinct line between the 2 colours? It came in a pair of perfectly matched carat, colour, clarity and cut. Unfortunately, I could only afford 1. So instead of earrings, I got a ring. Set in white gold with cognac diamonds channel set into the band.

An Ametrine. A rare natural occurrence when 2 stones meet, a Citrine with an Amethyst. This 10 carat stone came from Bolivia. A lesser grade would have a murky combination in between instead of this clear distinct separation. Set in white gold with baguette diamonds. Hopefully, I managed to capture the beauty of these stones in my pictures. I have to wait for the economy to recover before acquiring more.

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