Sunday, September 6, 2009

Natural Minerals

Natural Rock Crystals are supposed to have natural energy that can help energize your life. It's not the same as the artificially grown ones sold in Toys'r'us kits. Considering they take millions of years to form naturally in the ground. I started with raw rocks like the above. The rose quartz sits nicely on top of the quartz, so it acts like a battery charger, enhancing my relationships. I use the quartz the same way for my other rocks.

Jewellery grade stones get set into jewellery (what else). My favourites are an Ametrine and a watermelon tourmaline that I had set into rings. More recent fashion trends dictate jewellery made from a more rough natural state, so I bought the above necklace from and my 09 indulgence, a Roberto Cavalli ring (picture below).

Which I think was too soon. Because, I recently found out about Peter Muller carvings from Brazil. After much consideration, coz he only carves birds from natural crystals, I finally bought the below 6 inch carving. It costs as much as my Cavalli ring. I love the stripes of pink and green tourmaline in the white crystal. The hummingbirds are carved intricately out of flourite, rose quartz, amethyst, their beaks from agate and feet fashioned out of silver.

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