Sunday, September 27, 2009

F1 Singapore 2009

Busy weekend in Singapore, with the F1 night races and inaugural F1 rocks concert. Did anyone take leave from work to take advantage of their all access season pass and concert tickets?

Lewis Hamilton is the star of the event. With pole position, a lead he held steadily in the race and came in 1st, no surprise there. Last year's winner Alonso came in 3rd this year. The race was a lot less exciting than last year. The safety cars came out only once, when the Kingfisher car crashed, splashing debris all over the track. 3 rounds to clear it up! 4 drivers droppped out of the race, including both RedBull drivers coz of gear and brake problems respectively. What a pity. Then there was the scandal ridden Renault team, who were dropped by their sponsers.

I caught the qualifiers and the actual race on TV. No party though, as there were no more tickets to the outdoor concert. No loss, as F1 Rocks will be televised as a special.

So I heard Lindsay Lohan is Nicole's replacement as host of F1 Rocks. With performances by the cantopop stars Amei & Jacky Cheung on Thursday, No Doubt and N.E.R.D. on Friday. Ending with Beyonce, ZZ Top & Black Eye Peas on Sat. Apart from sound system problems, I heard the concert was a blast. Can't wait to catch it on TV.

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