Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mixing the Stones

You get colourful and fun jewellery by mixing different stones together. Coincidentally, this is my mom's favourite piece in my collection. The super flat construction makes it convenient for busy working people like us. With a flower motif set like mosaics onto white gold. It has Peridot (green), Sapphire (Dark blue), Aquamarine (Light blue), Amethyst (Purple) and Tourmaline (Pink).

Another multi-stone ring that my mom likes is the flower design below. It features a bigger oval Amethyst surrounded in round diamonds with 2 Aquamarine marquise cut stones meant to represent leaves. Emerald cut diamonds set in the ring to complement the flower design.

Kind of an expensive hobby, so I usually set my stones into jewellery for dual usage. I collect interesting pieces that cost <$500. More if they are really rare and beautiful. My favourites are the nature themes.

A favourite design of jewellery hobbyists, briolettes strung into bunches of grapes. Mine features a mixture of citrines, rubelites, amethysts, aquamarines and peridots. The bunches of briolettes can be removed so the studs can be worn on their own (picture above). My mom knows my taste, she got me a bunchy y-necklace for my bithday (picture below).

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