Sunday, September 20, 2009


Jade encompasses Nephrite and Jadeitite. Nephrite is usually reserved for more intricate carving and only available in white, green and sometimes red-orange. Jadeitite is the rarer stone of the 2 and can be found in a wide variety of colours; blue, lavender-mauve, pink, and emerald-green. Emerald green being the preferred (Imperial) choice of the Chinese. It's also my favourite of the 2, as it exhibits a mirror-like finish after polishing.

I prefer white or Icy Jade pieces mainly because it's easy to match and more modern than the green or red-orange pieces my mom and grandmother prefer. My mom bought me both bangles above from China. Both have a consistent, natural colour but are cloudy. Transparent, vividly coloured jade is very ex, reserved solely for royalty and the rich.

Of course, Jade also presents itself in the many lapidary stores around the island. I bought the above Jade and Rose Quartz necklace from a hobbyist at almost cost price I think. A great stone to wear in our weather as it dissipates heat quickly.

Deep green jadeite from Tiffany & Co, Starfish by Elsa Peretti (picture above). She is my favourite Tiffany designer. I used to collect her silver necklaces in my JC days and am so glad that they made a bigger version in jade.

A sign of our times, this jewellery store sold me the above Burmese jade and diamonds gold ring at a fraction of the original price. Wish I had more available cash to take advantage of the situation.

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