Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fitness First

I am a gym junkie, I don't exercise any other way. I have had a gym membership for over a decade now. Starting with the school gym in my JC days then moving onto the first professional chain to open in Singapore The Ray Wilson California Fitness Center. They dropped the Ray Wilson (coz the guy sold out) after a couple of years. In between there were the Sports Council gyms, hotel gyms (near my office) and Planet Fitness. Then entered Fitness First and I became a loyal member.

Why I pay the premium? No queues at the machines or classes! That and they have extra perks like free workout gear when I check in, DVD rentals when I check out. Multiple studios, pool, magazines, personal trainers, sauna, free drinks station, spa and a lounge area. It's like a clubhouse for the price of gym membership.

Convenience is an added bonus as there is usually a branch in the same building I work in. More recently, they started selling affordable gear (e.g. socks for $7.50) along with juice and power bars. Power work-out during lunch hour anyone?

At night, I come here to work-out, de-stress and catch some TV before heading home.

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  1. That's so convenient! Looks like a fancy gym with all those amenities. :)


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