Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gryphon Tea

Can you believe the cafe near my office sells 1 cup of tea for $4.50 and the box of teabags (20) they use for $12? Urm, I can save some change by sacrificing a walk to the pantry to add hot water and sugar. Not a regular tea drinker, this brand is worth recommending on my blog as it is quite good. Get the Artisan blends as it gets interesting, Lavender with Earl Grey gets a lot of oohs and aahs from passers-by who can smell the blend. Or even the Moroccan Mint and Ginger if you have a cold. You can sample it all by getting a "Treasures" mix box like I have. Bonus points for the silk tea sachets. Hello! Cheap tea bags break easily, especially when you are poking them around to get a 3rd cup.

13 March 2010: Got an email from a reader that they serve this at Capella. You can buy from Isetan Supermarkets or The Sandwich Shop outlets.


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