Sunday, September 20, 2009

JPOT by Jumbo

Met my friend for dinner at Jpot, the steamboat restaurant by Jumbo. It took over Wood Restaurant's space at Vivocity. The most delicious steamboat soups by far, offering laksa, bak kut teh, porridge, herbal and tomyam in individual pots (hygiene reasons).

To be expected, loads of fresh seafood from a Jumbo Restaurant. Everything's served on a bed of ice to keep it cool, Ribeye (Wagyu is available as well) & Kurobota Pork. Freshly made dim sum was also available from the a la carte menu.

We got a scenic view of Sentosa from our table.

Fried beancurd skin is their specialty. It's already cooked, so you just dip it in the soup.

Sauce bar in the middle of the restaurant! 15 different types of stuff to mix and match from freshly chopped chives, leeks, parsley to fish sauce and peanut butter.

My dipping sauce is vegetables in soy sauce, topped with chopped chilli padis.

They serve the shaved milk ice here! With fruits of the season, mango and nata de coco.

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