Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gold Bar

Gold prices dropped to all new lows a year ago. I had a lot more on my mind then, so I didn't take advantage of that investment opportunity. I tried to buy some pamp gold bars 6 mths ago and the jewellery shop aunties & uncles refused to part with their precious stock at market rate. So I tried again today where gold prices are around the same as before the crash @ 991.85.

Can you believe I found the cutest Credit Suisse 1gm bars. They stopped selling gold a couple of years ago, so this design is pretty much out of production. This particular neighbourhood gold shop still had a couple of CS 1gm bars leftover in their original yellowed sealed packs. Sorry, no bigger sizes available as they were probably sold out years ago. The shop even sells casings for the gold bars (to turn them into pendants etc) from $50 & above.

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