Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bling kit

I still have crystals leftover from blinging my phone & Ipod back from 2005. Experiencing a revival of interest after finding these faux pastries strictly for blinging purposes. They also have the other usual stuff like hot wraps, lace, fur, crystals, pearls and clay. But, the plastic meringues are head-turners. It's soft and spongy like the real stuff! Kinda like the breadou range at Action City.

I bought 2 kits to get started (each kit retails for about $22-$25). Combined, the 2 kits consist of special glue, metal pincers and a mixture of everything the shop sells. Importantly, plenty of meringues. I also got a soft serve cone as a HP dangle. Now I have to take back all those things I said about Re-ment key chains & dangles. Btw, I also have Re-ment magnets now.

It's an old cover for my Omnia. Co-incidentally, I had put in an order for a new hp cover 2 weeks ago, so I can get started on this. I am undecided between the 2 designs above. The design below is so 2005.

I just realize some of the stuff are similar to my nail art supplies. So I can use it either way. Maybe I should just offer to decorate my mom's phone as well.

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