Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mentaiko & Blue Fin Tuna

Chinmi galore at Isetan supermarket this week. The Kyushu fair features my favourite Karashi Mentaiko with squid, with cuttlefish, in salads, in bread and the list goes on. Also on show is a blue fin tuna carving event. People grab Otoro like it's nobodies business and some people were heming & hawing over Chutoro. So I had no choice but to grab the most convenient mix pack. Alfresco dining with a cup of iced fruit tea.

I think Jap food is a loose interpretation of the microbiotic diet. Everything is so healthy. Fresh ingredients chokeful of vitamins and minerals are steamed, boiled, braised with soy & seaweed. I think I can eat it everyday. By the way, has anyone tried R Burger at ION Orchard? If you like Kong Ba Pau, you will love it. Fresh shiso leaves (not the plastic ones) with a vege-soy patty that tastes and feels like meat in a steamed bun. It's surprisingly quite nice.

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