Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rose Quartz Jewellery

I really like Rose Quartz. Is it coincidence? Maybe because it is pink. Could also be it's translucent lustre. Unwittingly, I have acquired quite a few jewellery pieces featuring the rose quartz. The crystal is generally inexpensive so it has to have interesting, unconventional settings to stand out. The above is a cabochon set in white gold with diamonds. Eschewing the conventional prongs to hold the stone in place, these prongs look like ferns creeping around each end of the stone. It's surprisingly quite stable.

I also have a giant Rose Quartz Briolette set again in white gold with diamonds. This combination is so wedding-ish. And again, the diamonds look like vines twining around the rose quartz.

My favourite find. A Chalcedony (it's light blue, that doesn't show that well in the picture) & Rose Quartz ring set in white gold with diamonds. The puffy flowers are carved out of chalcedony and rose quartz. Each flower is anchored by a diamond to the ring. So you can actually twirl the flowers around like windmills. It comes with a matching pendant of just 1 rose quartz flower. I checked with the jeweller and they sell a similar ring in smoky quartz and citrine that costs 4x the price of my ring.

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