Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blooming Tea

This brand is Shanghai Scholar. Each tea ball has it's own silk sachet with the name of the blend sewn on the ribbon tags. I bought it during the Food Expo, not the usual tea house. So it's a little different from the usual varieties. I even bought a little transparent teapot set to brew it in.

Today, let's try Lily and Osmanthus. Cooling green tea is always good for our weather. Flower tea craft is a Chinese Artisanal product. The tea processors weave high quality tea leaves into balls before drying it in a tightly compressed form. Why bother with the effort when it's not the best tea leaves. All brands and blends have different floral designs.

Place tea ball in pot and add boiled water. Stand back to watch the performance as bubbles start escaping from the tea ball, followed by an eruption of small loose osmanthus petals. Then the tea leaves start to unfurl and the hidden orange lily blossoms within. The sweet floral fragrance escapes from the pot as the tea steeps.

I like my tea pretty strong, so I let it stay in there for 5mins before drinking. I think you can get a 2nd or 3rd pot from the leaves. Can't wait to try the next few varieties.

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