Monday, January 21, 2013

Seoul Garden

10 years ago, Seoul Garden was the only Korean restaurant in Singapore. This Korean BBQ buffet place seasons its meats perfectly resulting in juicy, sweet chicken in tomyum, szechuan, cha siew, garlic and black pepper flavours. There used to be beef, mutton and pork that has since been taken off the menu. 

From just a bbq plate, there is now sushi, cooked dishes and hotpot with the usual yong tau foo in a buffet format. S$20.90+++ worked out to S$29.40 per person and the place is open for 4-5hrs at a time so you can avoid the rush crowd by coming in later. 

Atmosphere is decidedly congenial and relaxed with large groups of students, friends and family. A group next to me was strumming the guitar and singing campfire songs. Don't expect much service though and pack some wet wipes. The staff only collect money and prep food so tables take forever to clear.

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