Friday, January 25, 2013

Floral Scrapbook Frame

These frames measure 22cm x 27cm, large enough to fit a photo collage or magazine cutout. The great thing about it is the recipient can just slot in a photo and *boom* scrapbooked picture! So I don't have to chase people for photos. 

Materials needed to make your own Scrapbook Frame:
3 pcs of Scrapbook Paper
1 strip of  Ribbon
Embellishments (I used swarovski crystals in fuchsia, 3D Butterflies stickers, Metallic Thread in green)
Cardboard base and frame
Penknife, Tape, Tweezers to pick up crystals

Start by wrapping up the cardboard frames with scrapbooking papers. Tape the strip of ribbon onto the base board so you have something to hang up the frame with.

I spun this sparkly green metallic thread around the frame to create a mystical fairy web.

Then I cut out the flower border from scrapbooking paper with my new pink sparkly penknife.

And glued it onto the frame.

Then glue down 3 sides of the picture frame, leaving the top-side open to slip in the photos.

Finish by embellishing with crystals and butterfly stickers.

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